Kumbh Mela Haridwar Uttarakhand

Enlighten your senses in sacred Haridwar during Kumbh Mela, which has been recognised as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Joined by millions of pilgrims for a dip in the blessed River Ganga, Kumbh Mela is world's largest religious human gathering.

About Kumbh Mela Haridwar

Haridwar in Uttarakhand is presented with the opportunity to hold one of the biggest gatherings of Hindu devotees in the world. Blessed with the presence of River Ganga, Haridwar and its ghats are opportune to organize the popular Kumbha Mela, Ardh Kumbh Mela, and Maha Kumbh Mela every 3, 6 and 12 years respectively. Millions of devotees from around the world come to take a dip in the holy water of the Ganges during this fair in Uttarakhand. Apart from Haridwar, Kumbh Mela is held in Nasik on the bank of River Godavari; Allahabad on the famous confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers and Ujjain on the bank of River Shipra. According to Hindu Mythology, Haridwar is one of the four places where the elixir fell during the war between gods and demons, and this is why the land is considered blessed.

Bathing in the water of River Ganga is symbolic to gaining immortality during the Kumbha Mela, and thus, a large number of believers indulge in this act of taking a dip in the river. A number of Akhadas participate in the Kumbha Mela, amongst which the Nagas are the one who get the opportunity to take the first bath. Apart from being one of the most auspicious religious events for all the Hindus worldwide, this Kumbh Mela at Haridwar is always a grand visual feast. It attracts visitors, media, filmmakers, correspondents, writers and the common curious onlookers from the world over. Haridwar Kumbh Mela also holds a record of hosting one of the largest human gatherings in the world, as on 14 April 2010, alone approximately 10 million people were recorded to have bathed in River Ganga.

Next Mahakumbh Mela is scheduled in Haridwar in 2021


  • Thousands of holy men, women, and devotees gather to take a bath in water of Ganga River.
  • Kumbh Mela is a 3-month festival.
  • On the bank of River Ganga, a large number of people gather in Haridwar.
  • There is devotional singing and resonance of chants pervade even in crowded.
  • Several Sadhus of the varied Akharas arrive in Kumbh Mela and according to the hierarchy, they are given the chance to bathe.

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Kumbha Mela Haridwar

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