Magh Mela Uttarakhand

Unwind in the spiritual aura of Uttarkashi by dipping in the holy river and take back home a tinge of Uttarakhand from the auspicious mela celebrated extensively from Makar sankranti.

About Magh Mela

Magh Mela is known to be one of the most popular fairs in Uttarkashi district in the Garhwal Region state of Uttarakhand. It is a religious and cultural fair that has now become an important tourism festival for the state. It is held in the Magh Month (January) and has fixed dates each year i.e, from 14 January (when the Makar Sankranti is celebrated) to 21 January. Dolis or palanquin, carrying deity of Kandar god and other Hindu gods and goddesses from various parts of Uttarkashi are brought on the first day of the fair to the Ramlila Ground at Uttarkashi through Pata-Sangrali Village. During this fair, devotees from different places come for Ganga Snan( taking a dip in Ganga River).

Magh Mela lasts for more than a week in which people from different parts of Uttarakhand display their local produce and handcrafted items. People spark up the commencement of this festival with the beating of drums in the town situated on the banks of Bhagirathi River. This festival is also important because it shows the traditional side of the state of Uttarakhand. The fair in the modern time is not restricted to Uttarkashi district, it is organized at several places in the state now. Since the fair takes place in the winter month of January, a skiing ground is prepared in Dayara Bugyal, which is one of the beautiful meadows of India.


  • It is believed that the fair is not just restricted to Uttarkashi.
  • It starts from the date of Makar Sankranti festival.
  • The fair is a religious and cultural festival.
  • Devotees take a dip in the holy river, Ganga.
  • The deities of Kandar God and other Hindu gods and goddesses are taken to Uttarkashi from different villages in a palanquin.
  • The fair begins with beating of the drums
  • Skiing can be enjoyed during the fair in Dayara Bugyal

Location Map

Magh Mela Uttarkashi


Month of January 14 to 21

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