Holi Festival Uttarakhand

A colourful festival made more colourful with distinct folk songs and music, Uttarakhand Holi marks the state's rich culture and a specific style to do things differently.

About Holi Festival

You know what's unique about Uttarakhand apart from the diverse culture in Kumaon and Garhwal Regions? It is the colourful festival which knits people together, Holi. This traditional festival of colours is celebrated to welcome spring and to value good over evil. When in Uttarakhand around the time of Holi, you should without a doubt be a part of the Kumaoni Holi as the festival celebrates the joy of togetherness, culture, and colours that add more meaning and happiness.This vibrant festival is extravagantly roistered over a period of two months in Kumaon. One can witness the sowing season flourish and make its place in Uttarakhand and that's the reason why the festival is essential for the people residing here especially the ones related to the agriculture sector.

The unique traditions of Kumaon can be witnessed where the whole area is enchanted with folk music in its different forms like Khadi Holi, Mahila Holi and Baithki Holi which start from Basant Panchami. Talking about Baithki Holi, it is a blend of different types of classical ragas which have a soothing spiritual effect on the minds of people. As it is the most awaited festival in Kumaon region hence some of the areas begin celebrating it from Basant Panchami and some in the month of December. Whereas Mahila Holi is celebrated by the women of the region where they sing their heart out in tranquilizing tones. Another popular kind is the Khadi Holi which comes into notice after the Baithaki Holi where people sport the traditional clothes of the region and its a form celebrated by the rural areas of Kumaon region.


  • The auspicious festival of Holi is the most anticipated one in the Kumaon region and is celebrated from the outset of Basant Panchami.
  • The festival is a fusion of colours, spirituality and music commemorated at a wide extent for two months.
  • Music is the heart of the festival in which the locals are very specific about the ragas where Bhimpalasi, Peelu, and Sarang are chanted post dawn while in evening they revel in Shyam Kalyan, Yaman and Kalyan ragas.
  • There are diverse forms of Holi like Mahila Holi, Baithaki Holi, and Khadi Holi.
  • The food that is prepared on this occasion includes Gujia, fried potatoes namely Aloo Gutuk served with jamboo, a Himalayan spice.

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Holi Festival Uttarakhand

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