Nanda Devi Raj Jaat Yatra Uttarakhand

Commemorating the journey of Goddess Nanda to the Nanda Devi Parbat, this popular 3-week arduous pilgrimage journey in Uttarakhand is reckoned to be an important event in a life of a Hindu devotee.

About Nanda Devi Raj Jaat Yatra

Nanda Devi Raj Jaat or Himalayan Mahakumbh is a festival in Uttarakhand in which Goddess Nanda Devi (also known as Gaura and Raj Rajeshwari in Garhwal division) is worshipped. Devotees from both Garhwal and Kumaon regions of the state of Uttarakhand along with other parts of the country participate in the sacred yatra. Goddess Nanda Devi is believed to be the consort of Lord Shiva and the daughter of the ruler of Mountains. As per the beliefs, Nanda Devi is an avatar of Goddess Parvati or considered as her sister. Moreover, the Goddess Nanda Devi is the foremost godhead of both Garhwal and Kumaon division of the state Uttarakhand. This festival is held for whole three weeks and is organized once in every twelve years in the Chamoli District of Garhwal Region. Nanda Devi Raj Jaat Yatra is performed on a long route that takes almost twenty-two days to complete.

Jat refers to Dev Yatra that describes the tales of the bonding of deities and devotees. The distance of this whole journey (yatra) is around 280 km. The sacred yatra begins from Nauti Village in Karanprayag of Chamoli district and ends in Roopkund, where hundreds of skeletons can be seen. The yatra starts once the 'Kunwar' of the village Kansua inaugurates it with the rituals. The three weeks of the journey is fully packed with exposure to Uttarakhand's culture, lifestyle, flora & fauna. The Nanda Devi Raj Jaat Yatra begins with the birth of Chausingha Khadu. The folk says that the Goddess Nanda Devi left her village and went to Nanda Devi Parbat. Thus, heavy rain occurs when the yatra starts, as if the Goddess is crying.


  • The yatra starts from Nauti village of Chamoli district to the high altitude lake of Roopkund.
  • The pilgrim journey of Nanda Devi is a trekking journey which requires halting at a number of places including alpine Dayara Bugyal and a number of villages.
  • It is a believed that when the yatra starts heavy rain occurs as if Goddess Nanda Devi is crying.
  • People from Nauti village carry a mythical four-horned sheep and a Doli along with all sorts of gifts for the Goddess.
  • During this yatra, all sections of the society take part. Dalits play drums, Thakurs blow bhankauras, and Brahmins take care of ceremonial parasols.
  • Jhumela is sung by the men and women who show their love for Goddess Parvati and it is sung when Nanda arrives at the village.
  • Newlywed Bride, Nanda is welcomed by mangal which the ladies sings.

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Nauti Village Uttarakhand

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