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Best Time to Visit Ajmer

The best time to visit Ajmer would be between the months of October and March. Ajmer’s beautiful winter enriches your travelling experiences. Depending upon when you wish to make your visit you will experience a different dimension of Ajmer.


The October to February period is the peak tourist season mainly due to the pleasant wintry weather. The daytime temperatures encourage sightseeing as they are mild and never very chilly. Religious visitors also prefer this time of the year. Average temperatures hover around 15° and 20°C.


The March to May months are the scorching hot summers of Ajmer. Temperatures shoot up to and beyond 40° C. Such weather is not usually conducive to tourism. If you do wish to travel carrying along a sunscreen is essential. Umbrellas, shades and light cotton clothing are also dire necessities to beat the relentless heat.


A less popular but equally beautiful period is the monsoon of Ajmer. The June to September stretch paints the town a lush green owing to intermittent rains. Ajmer not being a rainy city does not hinder daytime travel very much. This is an off season when you can take advantage of less crowded but equally enriching tours.

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