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Best Time to Visit Jaipur

Travellers from India and abroad, flock in Jaipur throughout the year for tourism. It is world famous for its forts, temples, lakes, fairs and festivals. The climate of Jaipur is arid as it is a semi-desert region. Winter is the best time & season to visit Jaipur city in Rajasthan.


Winters are from October to March and are the best time to enjoy holidays in Jaipur city. The days are very pleasant but the nights are cold with less than 4°C . Carry heavy woollens while travelling. You can enjoy the sightseeing at the historic forts along with the Elephant Festival in March, Kite Festival during Makar Sankranti and Jaipur Literature Fest in January.


Summers are from April to June and are very hot and dry. During this time the average temperature is 44°C - 45°C Hot winds blows throughout the day making sightseeing next to impossible. The festival of Gangaur is celebrated during this time. Drink lots of water and juices, wear light cotton wares and carry a pair of good sunglasses if you are planning visit this city at this time.


Monsoons are from July to September but Jaipur receives low to medium rainfall. You can join the local festival of Teej if you are in the city in the month of August.

Best Time to Visit Jaipur Jaipur Weather Information

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