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About Stok Palace Ladakh

Now converted into a heritage hotel, Stok Palace is the reflection of the glorious days of Namgyal rule in Ladakh. Dating back to 1820, this top place to see near Leh is almost 200 years old. Stok Palace marks the final phase of the evolution of fortified palace residences characteristic of Indus Valley or Singey Sangpo region.

Stok Palace also houses a must-see museum that has a collection of artefacts and relics related to Ladakh's old monarchy. One can see ancient coins, royal seals & costumes, jewellery and photographs along with the royal family’s collection of thangkas, some of which are over 400 years old.

Some of the major highlights of the Stok Palace museum are the Queen’s ancient yub-jhur or perak, which is a head piece encrusted with 401 lumps of uncut turquoise, coral, gold nuggets and other precious stones; a 1,000 years old crown, and an actual knotted sword. The palace also has a temple where the guests are welcomed to pay a visit.

History of Stok Palace

The history of Stok Palace states that it was constructed in 1820 by King Tsespal Tondup Namgyal of the ruling Namgyal dynasty.

Architecture of Stok Palace


The architecture of Stok Palace marks the final phase of the evolution of the fortified palace residences. The architecture boasts skilled craftsmanship and showcases features like spatial planning with access passages. The royal apartments and prayer chamber are arranged in a multi-level interlinked courtyard. There’s also three-storied grain silos and drainage passages.

Highlights of Stok Palace:

  • Museum
  • Lhakchung (temple)
  • Queen’s ancient yub-jhur or perak
  • 1000 years old crown
  • Knotted sword

Best Time to Reach Stok Palace

The best time to visit Stok Palace is anytime between June and September.

How to Reach Stok Palace?

The best way to reach Stok Palace is by hiring a cab or renting a bike from Leh, which is only 15 kms away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How far is Stok Palace from Leh & what is the best way to reach?

Stok Palace is situated at a distance of 15 km from Leh. Hiring a cab or renting a bike are the best ways to reach here.

Q. Can we stay in Stok Palace?

Yes, Stok Palace have now been converted into a heritage hotel and a stay here is one of the top things to do in Ladakh.

Q. How old is Stok Palace?

Stok Palace is a 19th century structure built by the rulers of Namgyal dynasty.

Q. What is the major attraction in Stok Palace?

A staying experience in Stok Palace is the major attraction as it gives an insight into the lives of the royals that once lived here. The museum and the temple in the palace are the other attractions of Stok Palace.

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