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About Best Places for Photography in Ladakh

Ladakh is unarguably, a photographer’s delight as it has multiple beautiful aspects to be covered by nature photographers, culture photographers, wildlife photographers and those interested in taking portrait shots and even enjoy street photography.

The natural beauty is absolutely evident in Ladakh. The azure alpine lakes surrounded by lofty mountains; the meadows of Changthang plateau where graze hundreds of sheeps & goats; the gurgling rivers running along the snakey roads; and gompas settled on hills; paddy fields around the small settlements, all are perfect for nature photography.

The Buddhist gompas (monasteries) make for some excellent places to capture both the culture and history of Ladakh. Rich in literature, festivity, and architecture, these monasteries in Ladakh offer culture and architecture photographers with a wide scope of photography.

Being home to a rich and rare flora & fauna that includes the vulnerable snow leopards, the rare ibex and Tibetan wolf, red fox, Tibetan gazelle, lammergeier, and black-necked cranes, Ladakh is also ideal for wildlife photography.

Type of Photography Tours in Ladakh

  • Nature Photography
  • Culture & Heritage Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Bird Photography
  • Snow Leopard Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the best places for nature photography in Ladakh?

Leh, Nubra Valley (Diskit and Hunder), Pangong Lake, Tso Moriri and Zanskar region are perfect for nature photography in Ladakh.

Q. Which place are the best for culture & heritage photography in Ladakh?

Hemis Monastery, Thiksay Monastery, Diskit Monastery, Chemrey Monastery, Lamayuru Monastery, Alchi Monastery, Mulbekh Monastery, and Phugtal Monastery are some of the best places for culture & heritage photography in Ladakh.

Q. Which are the best places for wildlife photography in Ladakh?

Hemis National Park, Karakoram Wildlife Sanctuary, and Changthang Cold Desert Wildlife Sanctuary are the best places for wildlife photography in Ladakh.

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