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Neelimala Viewpoint Kerala

Neelima Viewpoint has a dazzling view of the Meenmutty falls and valleys surrounding it. From the point, tourists can see the milky white streams gushing through the walk, making its way towards the river. On will have to walk a lot to reach the place, people with joint and leg pain should take a proper care of themselves. Narrow and uneven pathways from the nearest motorable road will take tourists to the viewpoint with the mountain folds of the Western Ghats towards its left and a hill slope replete with grass along with boulders on the right. This splendid sight is something that one can never forget throughout life. Mist and aroma around create such a spell that one will be lost in its beauty for a long period of time.


Neelimala, Wayanad, Kerela, India

  • Neelimala View Point Wayanad
  • Neelimala Viewpoint Wayanad
  • Neelimala View Point Kerala
  • Neelimala Viewpoint Kerala

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