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Malik Ibn Deenar Mosque Kasaragod Kerala

Built in the traditional Kerala style architecture, Malik Deenar Juma Masjid is a historic Muslim pilgrim center in Kerala. This beautiful mosque is believed to be established by Malik Ibn Deenar, an Arab saint who has brought Islam to India. It is among the most charming and well preserved mosques in the Kasargod district of Kerala. Cheraman Perumal, the then ruler of the region got attracted by the unique way of trade by Arabs and the proliferation of Islam. So, he embraced the religion and helped Malik Ibn Deenar to establish this mosque. The peaceful atmosphere of this Muslim pilgrim spot and its exquisite architecture certainly fascinate everybody who visits it.

The mosque is believed to be built in AD 642 and appointed Malik Ibn Muhammad, the son of Malik Bin Deenar, as the Qazi of it. The place contains the grave of him and Muslims in the state considered it as a sacred place. This mosque celebrates an annual festival every year in association with the arrival of Malik Ibn Dinar to the country. Malik Ibn Deenar Mosque is one of the most popular pilgrim spots for the Sunni Muslims in India. It is worth visiting this mosque during your pilgrimage trip to Kerala. Located at Thalangara, this mosque is less than a kilometer away from the Kasargod railway station. Mangalore International Airport in Karnataka is the nearest airport to this pilgrim center which is approximately 64 kilometers away. Kerala is a land of different religions and ideal to experience spirituality. Check the travel packages of Tour My India to plan a trip to this majestic state for a memorable pilgrimage trip.

Malik Ibn Deenar Mosque, Kasaragod

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