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Kumarakom is breathtakingly beautiful. Here one can see backwaters, beaches, museums, waterfalls and bird sanctuaries. What if, given an opportunity to see all this in just one go? It would be a divine treat for the eyes. Elaveezha Poonchira is one such place in Kumarakom that offers the divine site of every nook and corner of the district. Located at an elevation of 3200 ft above the sea level, Elaveezhapoonchira is a valley is carpeted with meadows and green pastures. Tourists will have to hire a jeep safari to reach this illuminating place.

When the clouds peel away, the vistas of Kumarakom-dotted with green islands in the middle of pristine blue backwaters is breathtaking. The hues of sapphire and emerald that the place emits looks like a picture that is drawn by the god. Literal meaning of the term 'Elaveezhapoonchira' is a flowery lake where no leaves fall and it surely deserves the title as the valley doesn't have single trees. While standing at this place, one can see clouds floating around and creating such a spell that can leave anyone mesmerizing with its beauty. View from here extends to many other adjoining districts. Malankara Dam and meandering blue waters appear particularly pretty from the top of the valley.

The scenic beauty of Elaveezhapoonchira lures millions of trekkers and mountaineers from around the world. When the rays of the sun touch the ground, the valley starts illuminating and everything brightens up. Stone throw away from the valley; there are ancient burial chambers, tribal settlement and caves that that are least explored. Legends say that there is a cave in Elaveezhapoonchira called Pandavas Guha. The cave got its name from the fact that it was visited by the Pandavas. There are multiple accommodation options available in Elaveezhapoonchira. Head here for relaxed and rejuvenating experience.

  • Elaveezha Poonchira Kumarakom
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  • Elaveezha Poonchira Kumarakom, Kerala

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