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Best Time to Visit Kollam

Kollam remains humid all year round, however the the summer season, from March to May, can be the most uncomfortable one. Thus it should be avoided for visiting. The monsoon season begins in June, but the temperature only cools down only in August. The ideal time to visit Kollam would be between the months of August and March as the days and nights become more pleasant during this part of the year.


The months from October to February mark the winter season. This is the most pleasant time to visit Kollam. The temperature remains in late 20’s or early 30’s making it quite bearable for the travellers to plan their Kollam tour.


The months between March and May are considered the summer months which are quite hot and humid. Travelling might become too uncomfortable during this period that is why these months should be avoided for planning a trip.


June - September are marked as the monsoon months. The temperature during these months does drop but only by August. However, rains make the surroundings quite pretty, and thus it is ideal to visit Kollam after the month of August.

Best Time to Visit Kollam

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