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Ayurveda-Yoga Curative Treatment Packages Kerala

Harivihar Ayruvedic resort offers several customized curative ayurveda treatments for persons suffering from specific ailments. Ayurveda can be effective for several chronic ailments like musculoskeletal diseases, arthritis, lowback pains, stress related diseases, headaches, obesity, dermatological diseases and neurological diseases. Harivihar offers an integrated ayurveda neurology clinic where a team consisting of a senior consultant neurologist,ayurvedic physician and yoga therapist are involved in the assessment and subsequent decision making. Chronic neurologic ailments like multiple sclerosis, neuropathies, myopathies, sciatica, fibromyalgia and fatigue syndromes, headaches, strokes and parkinsonism can be favourably treated in this clinic. The treatments have to be tailormade for each person and this would be decided after the initial medical consultation. All relevant prior documents should be made available, preferably before arrival itself. If necessary, new diagnostic tests may be asked for. 

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Ayurveda Yoga Curative Treatment Package Kerala

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