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Anjengo Fort Kerala

Establishment of Anjengo Fort

One of the prime attractions of Varkala, Anjengo Fort or Anchuthengu Fort is positioned at the distance of 12 km which was constructed in the year 1965 by the British East India Company while they selected Anjengo to build their first trade settlement in Kerala. The word 'Anjuthengu' means 'five coconut palms' and this place has a beautiful and pristine beach too.

This fort is a testimony to many historic events and links referred to the colonial rule in Varkala. Walking round the walls of the fort gives a nice view. It is believed that the Anjengo Fort was built between 17th and 18th centuries. According to the local residents, the name Anjengo owes its birth to a small area of land with five coconut trees, which was given on rent to the British East India Company by the Queen of Attingal for trading.

Overview of Anjengo Fort

At Anjengo, tourists can find the remnants of the ancient English Fort which was targeted several times by the foreign powers, fighting each other to get a firm foothold in Kerala. As you enter inside the fort, you will also found a cemetery that has remains of the fort inhabitants and it's one of the oldest among the cemeteries dates to 1704. The fort is now preserved by the National Heritage Monuments. While visiting here, you may also explore Muthalapuzhi Lake located at the close proximity to the fort and the enchanting backwater stretch lined with coconut trees. Moreover, the fort is the first signaling station for ships coming from England.

Backwaters and Beach at Anjengo

The backwater stretches here at Anjengo and the path lined by coconut trees interlacing the water channels are indeed an enchanting view to lo and behold. Another attraction of this place is the serene beach which is pristine and perfect for picnicking. However, Anjengo is a place of historic importance and a wonderful natural setting which is admired by nature lovers.

Best Time to Visit:

Tourists can visit between December and March as the climate remains pleasant and one will enjoy exploring the surroundings during this time.

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