Pakharpora Shrine

  • imageYusmarg
  • Jammu & Kashmir

About Pakherpora Shrine in Yusmarg, Kashmir

The holy mausoleum of Syed Balkhi, Pakherpora Shrine is quiet a popular Muslim pilgrimage in Yusmarg. The sacred place is also a heritage site built several centuries ago. The shrine is thronged by a large number of devotees during the annual urs (death anniversary) of the saint.

Pakharpora displays a unique picture with rare trees on its premises that are not found anywhere else in Kashmir.

About Syed Balkhi

A noble follower of Sheikh Noor-ud-din (patron saint of Kashmiris), Syed Balkhi migrated to Kashmir from Afghanistan in the early 15th century and under his discipleship he preached Islam in the region.

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History of Pakherpora Shrine


Syed Balkhi came to Kashmir and accepted Sheikh Noor-ud-din as his peer-o-murshid (spiritual guide). It is believed, on the request of Syed Balkhi, Sheikh Noor-ud-din miraculously brought some of his relatives that were buried in Afghanistan along with the piece of the graveyard. Therefore, the shrine was names as Pakharpora, Pokher means ‘piece of land’.

Best Time to Visit

The Urs (death anniversary) of Syed Balkhi in the months between August and September is the best time to visit Pakharpora Shrine.