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Fishing in Kashmir

Kashmir is often dubbed the angler's paradise. The glacial and snow-fed streams offer great options for fishing in Kashmir. The best time for fishing is between April and October; however, on the basis of the prevailing conditions when you visit, the duration might be extended or shortened. On one side Lidder, Erin, Ferozpur, Sindh Doodh Ganga, Daksum, Noobug, Aharbal, Krishen Ganga, and Hirpur are large snow-fed rivers and on the other side Kokernag, Verinag and Sukhnag are spring-fed streams.

61 beats are open for fishing & angling in Kashmir during the season. Each beat is about 3 to 4 kms long and is connected with a motorable road, except Vishansar and Gangabal lakes, as one has to trek to reach these destinations. Water bodies of all sizes and types in the region are well-stocked with Rainbow trout and German brown trout. Anglers around the world throng Kashmir to enjoy the thrill of fishing. It is to be noted that fishing and angling are not allowed without the permit from Jammu & Kashmir Dictorate of Fisheries. Also, it is to be kept in mind that only fly fishing is permitted in Kashmir; other methods or live or dead baits are strictly restricted.

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