Top Travel Attractions in Yusmarg

Yusmarg, the ‘Meadow of Jesus,’ is a picturesque destination that a tourist must visit for its natural beauty. This destination in Kashmir is primarily known for its lush meadows, foaming river, Dudhganga, trekking trails for adventurers, and trout fishing opportunity.

Best Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Yusmarg

Yusmarg is a perfect getaway for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. There is no shortage of attractions in Yusmarg and they range from holy shrines to meadows to alpine lakes. The foaming river Dudhganga, the alpine lake, Nilnag Lake, the meadows of Tosa Maidan, Sang-e-Safed, and the sacred shrines of Charar-e-Sharief and Pakharpora are the popular places to visit & things to do in Yusmarg.


Pakherpora Shrine

The famous Pakhepora Shrine is dedicated to the saint Syed Balkhi who came all the way to Kashmir from Afghanistan in the 15th century.


Charari Sharief

One of the most ancient Muslim shrines in Kashmir, Charar-e-Shareef is dedicated to Sufi Saint Sheikh Noor-ud-din Noorani.


Dudh Ganga

Flowing through the lush meadows of Yusmarg, Doodhganga is named after its foamy water which appears like milk.


Nilang Lake

A gorgeous alpine lake, Nilnag is set amidst the dense coniferous forest and is amongst the top attractions in Yusmarg.



An oval-shaped meadow through which runs the Doodhganga River, Sang-e-Safed or the White Rock is a must-visit near Yusmarg.