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Tarsar Lake Kashmir

A striking alpine almond-shaped water body, Tarsar Lake is a beautiful tourist attraction in the Pahalgam region of Kashmir. The lake is separated by a mountain with a peak elevation of 4000 m from its twin-sister Marsar Lake which lies at close proximity to Dachigam National Park. Together, these twin sisters form a wonderful trekking trail in Kashmir and no doubt, Tarsar Marsar is arguably one of the prettiest treks in India. For those up for Tarsar Marsar Trek, it takes them right to the heart of Kashmir. Starting from the quaint village of Aru to the meadows of Lidderwat, the breath-taking setting of Tarsar is such that it leaves one stunned for weeks and even months. Also, Jammu and Kashmir tourism offer a wonderful and unique opportunity to camp beside the lake where the travellers can best witness the view of glittering blue waters. The lake appears to change its colour throughout the day with the change in the sun’s angle during sunrise and sunset.

In addition to this, the Tarsar Lake is accessible only during the summer season which offers yet another wonderful opportunity for witnessing a myriad of migratory birds, including lammergeiers, black bulbul, bar-headed geese, Himalayan golden eagles, high-flying choughs and cinnamon sparrows. In a nutshell, a visit to Tarsar Lake would be a never had before travel experience that will cling in the memories for a lifetime.


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