Best Time to Visit Kishtwar

Kishtwar can be visited throughout the year and hence, it can be considered a year-round destination. However, the best time to visit this place is from May to October.

When to Visit Kishtwar for Holidays?

The weather remains pleasant during the winters in Kishtwar, letting you enjoy the magnificent beauty of its mountains and valleys. Although it can be visited round the year, the best season to visit Kishtwar is the winter season, from October to Feb. We can classify the Kishtwar season as below:

Climate in Kishtwar


Summer Season in Kishtwar

Commencing in the month of April, summer is the best time to enjoy the picturesque beauty of Kishtwar. The entire region relishes the blooming of flowers which make it look even more pretty.


Monsoon Season in Kishtwar

Beginning in the month of July and ending in September, monsoon is not too bad in Kishtwar. One can easily plan a trip during this season when the other parts of North India become inaccessible.


Winter Season in Kishtwar

The season of winter begins with October with breeze becoming cold and by December the temperature in the district starts to drop to sub-zero making it a destination ideal for sighting snowfall. The season ends in the month of March. There are chances of road blockage during winter season.