Best Time to Visit Jammu

Although the Jammu region can be visited any time of the year but winter season is an ideal time to visit when the climate remains pleasurable.

When to Go Jammu for Holidays?

Jammu, a beautiful tourist destination, shows a unique charm in all the different seasons. No matter what season tourists choose to travel, the beauty of Jammu surely wins the heart of travellers of all kind.

Whether it is to witness the lush green landscape during the summer season or attain blessings at the number of ancient temples during the winter season, holidays in Jammu will be unforgettable with a box full of memories to take home.

Climate in Jammu


Summer Season (April to May)

These months let the tourists witness the greener side of Jammu in full bloom. Even though the temperature rises above 40°C, tourists can still indulge in a sightseeing tour of Jammu. Also, visiting the region during April will let one witness the true festive colours with the celebration of Baisakhi taking place with ardour.


Monsoon Season (June to August)

Jammu receives a considerable amount of rainfall, making it difficult for the tourist to indulge in sightseeing tour or any other activity. However, the rain does enhance the beauty of Jammu, and everything looks pristine and awe-inspiring.


Winter Season (September to March)

The season is perfect for visiting Jammu as it lets the tourists indulge in some adventure sports, sightseeing tour and other activities. Also, the season is ideal for those looking for a temple tour in Jammu. During this season, the temperature ranges from 4°C-16°C and one brace the chilly nights and cold days. Visiting Jammu in January will let one witness Lohri - yet another festival celebrated with enthusiasm.