Sheetla Mata Temple Parwanoo, Himachal

Sheetla Mata Temple, Parwanoo

One of the famous attractions of Parwanoo is the Sheetla Mata Temple, located on Kalka-Shimla Highway. It's a very old temple situated next to the Kasauli road in Parwanoo. It has an important place in the cultural history of the Parwanoo. One can enjoy the beautiful view of the temple from the highway. On festive days, pilgrims crowd this place and form queues in the early morning (5 AM).

History of Sheetla Mata Temple The temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity Mata Sheetla Devi-the wife of Guru Dronacharya of Mahabharata (The Hindu Epic). The Goddess is also popular as Bhagat Lalita Ma and Masai Ma. The temple is an embodiment of Goddess Durga. It is believed that the deity of this temple protects children from small pox and gives them a healthy life. A large number of tourists from different parts of India throng this region to seek the blessings of Sheetla Mata for their children. Milks, water and sweets are offered to the presiding deity of the temple by tourists. On this day, local residents eat the previous day's food as they do not cook food on this day. It is believed that they please the Goddess and get blessings for their family members.

Fairs and Festivals Sheetla Mata Temple festival in Parwanoo is one of the most important festivals, which is celebrated with gusto. It is held twice in a year and just before navaratras, drawing millions of visitors from India and abroad. During this festive season, the national highway in Parwanoo looks stunning and remains flecked with sellers. So, the festival is commonly known as Sheetla Mata Mela.