Rang Mahal, Chamba

Rang Mahal, Chamba

Founded by Raja Umed Singh in the 18th century, the Rang Mahal showcases a perfect blend of British and Mughal architecture. It's one of the largest monuments, which is located in Chamba. It's a striking building designed with high fort-like walls and the architecture has an unparalleled combination of British and Mughal styles. During that time, the monument of the western part was used as a royal treasury and the southern part of the monument was later built by the Raj Sri Singh in the year 1860.

Later on, many changes were done to the historical building when the State Handicrafts Department took control of it. Moreover, some of the historical artifacts are preserved in the Bhuri Singh Museum of Chamba, where travelers can find plenty of beautiful paintings on the wall.

History As legend goes, Kind Umed Singh made this palace but later Raj Sri Singh- the king of same dynasty repaired the Rang Mahal. The main aim behind repairing this palace was not only for King's accommodation but also to have a warehouse for royal grain and treasure.

Over the years, the Rang Mahal has become a government property and handicrafts department use this palace as the workshop for shoe, slippers, and the rest. All the things that were in the palace has now been taken out and kept in different museums all across the India. The wall paintings that beautify Rang Mahal are breathtaking, representing one of the most encompassing hill collections. These paintings follow the stories of Lord Krishna.

Rang Mahal 'A Himachal Emporium' This monument has now become a Himachal Emporium, which is popular as a famous shopping destination for beautiful hand-made goods. The emporium offers embroidery work by local women. The place is popular for its unique embroidery work on silky fabrics.


The visiting times for travelers are:

  • 10 AM to 1 PM
  • 2 PM to 5 PM

The palace remains open from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is closed for visitors.