Pandoh Lake Himachal Pradesh

Pandoh Lake

Region: 88 Kms from Manali, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India
Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit is from April to July and September to December

Himachal Pradesh has been a popular retreat for generations of British officials, and later, scores of city-dwellers. Think of Himachal Pradesh and visualize luscious alpine forest, gigantic mountains and sparkling serene lakes. There are endless destinations in this vivacious land which tourist can't afford to miss; one such place is Pandoh Lake. The deep blue lake is a delight for all the photographers.

The major source of lake water is Pandoh dam which helps in diverting the river for power generation. Pandon Lake acts as a basin for Pandoh dam and comes under the administration of Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB). Pandoh Lake is a major attraction for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

If tourists are looking for some enthralling experience then they should go camping or white water rafting at Pandoh Lake. The breath-taking view of the rising waves in the river Beas is always an amazing sight to behold for experienced and inexperienced rafters. The bank of the lake is an ideal destination for camping as well.

The man-made picturesque Pandoh Lake in the foothills of mountain ranges is an idyllic place for a secret communion with nature. With its vast expanse of pastured meadows, this popular spot is perfect for walks, boating and lazy picnics.