Lipa Asrang Sanctuary Kinnaur, Himachal

Lipa-Asrang Sanctuary

A must see tourist spot for the solitude lovers and avid worshipper of nature, Lipa Asrang Sanctuary is around at a height of 4,000 to 5,022 m. The sanctuary is spread over an area of around 30.89 sq km. The variety of flora found in this sanctuary includes dry coniferous forest, dry alpine scrub, dwarf juniper scrub, dry broad leaves, western Himalayan temperate forest, and coniferous forest.

The most commonly found fauna in this sanctuary are Yak, Leopard, Ibex, Goral, Brown Bear, Blue Sheep, Himalayan black Beer, Musk Deer etc. Random tourists are not allowed to enter this sanctuary. So they need to take prior permission to explore the sanctuary.