Chitkul Kinnaur, Himachal


The last inhabited village on the Indo-Tibettan border, Chitkul is found on the bank of Baspa River. It is the last point in India till where one can travel without a permit. The village is a perfect retreat for the travellers who are looking for a break from crowd and chaos and turns to a perfect bliss for the sparse population over the region. The village remains almost covered with snow during winter season. It is during this period of time, the local residents move to the lower Himalayan regions.

The main attractions of Chitkul are its houses which have either slate or wooden plank roofs. It also houses a small Buddhist Temple and a small tower. There is a monastery called Kagyupa Temple where an age old image of Shakyamuni Buddha is worshipped. The valley proffers an unsurpassed view of the river Baspa with the vistas of snow-clad mountains on the left and apple orchards and wooden houses on the right.