Top 25 Weekend Getaways from Mysore

Top 25 Weekend Getaways from Mysore
Last Updated: August 1, 2019

Courtesy my office and my then generous boss, I went for an official four weeks trip to Mysore back in 2014. Since it happened at the start of my career, the thought of going on an official trip was quite welcoming. I searched for the list of attractions in Mysore and came across the picture of impressive monuments and other buildings. I was pretty excited as there was so much to see and explore. And the outcome of the trip was on par with my excitement. There was not even a single weekend, which I spent in the comfort of my luxury hotel. Not only I explored each and every attraction of Mysore but also expanded my horizons to see some awesome weekend getaways sightseeing places. And there are many, some hidden in the western ghats, while others still tracing the prehistoric civilizations that could interest adventurers, nature enthusiasts, and wildlife lovers. Some sightseeing places were far but others were so close that you can spend more time at the locations rather than in commuting. Through this blog, I want to discuss all those nearby weekend getaways where I went to, and very soon will be visiting too. So let’s have a look.

Unwind the Enchanting Weekend Getaways around Mysore

1. Coorg (Kodagu)


Coorg, the precious gem of Karnataka, is needless of any of any introduction. Perhaps one of the closest and the best places to visit around Mysore, Coorg has chattering cascades; alluring coffee plantations, and lush green uneven terrains that can ultimately take you to a wonderland. And just because it has been blessed with so much nature bounty, it is one of the best places to visit for trekkers, and birdwatchers. Abbey Falls, Brahmagiri Peak, Dubare elephant camp, Iruppu Falls, Raja’s Seat, and Mandalpatti View Point are some of the best places to visit but if you want to savor something extraordinary, enroll for coffee tours, and beekeeping and honey tasting Tour. Or even take part in adventure activities like water rappelling, canoeing, cycling, and quad biking. To experience the local culture and cuisine, do visit Coorg during the offseason and try to book a stay in a homestay, close to coffee plantations over the slopes of the hills.

Attractions in Coorg

  • Abbey Falls
  • Brahmagiri Peak
  • Dubare elephant camp
  • Iruppu Falls
  • Raja’s Seat
  • Mandalpatti View Point
  • Bylakuppe
  • Cauvery Nisargadhama

Distance: 107 kilometers
Best time to visit: September to March

2. Srirangapatnam

Srirangapatnam Fort

Barely 22 kilometers from Mysore, Srirangapatna is famous for its historical places, and temple, and that’s why it is at the second position in our list of top weekend getaways. It is basically an island in shape of an egg and is enclosed by river Kaveri. During the colonial era, Srirangapatna has witnessed many wars and bloodshed. Even it is the final resting ground of the two ultimate, greatest and respected rulers – Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali. Moreover, the place has a good number of well-maintained vestiges like Gumbaz, Dariya Daulat Bagh, Kalyani Siddhi Vinayaka temple, and Lal Mahal Palace. In and around Srirangapatna, you can find a good number of jungle resorts for a comfortable stay.

Attractions in Srirangapatna

  • Gumbaz
  • Sangam
  • Nimishambha Temple
  • Balmuri Falls
  • Sangam
  • Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
  • Karighatta Temple

Distance: 21.3 kilometers
Best time to visit: September to March

3. Madikeri


Madikeri is a secluded hill town surrounded by the aroma of fresh cardamom, Black pepper, and Coorg honey. Quite, calm and simply beautiful, Madikeri has a couple of beautiful attractions within its vicinity like Raja Seat, Madikeri Fort, Omkareshwara Temple, and St. Mark’s Church. Laid back trails flanked by lush green landscapes, eccentric villages, colorful scenery, and rugged landscape are some of the other elements the hill station. Since its a colonial town, here one can see a good number of red-tiled bungalows too.

Attractions in Madikeri

  • Mandalpatti
  • Chelavara Falls
  • Raja’s Tomb (Gadhige)
  • Kotebetta
  • Mercara Downs Golf Club
  • Kote Abbey

Distance: 17.9 kilometers
Best time to visit: September to April

4. Ooty


The indisputable queen of Nilgiris, Ooty is a charming town that features some of the best sightseeing places. An amalgamation of emerald tea plantations; sapphire mountains, and dense woods, Ooty was once the abode of Britons. If you’re planning to go for a three-day long weekend then do take the Nilgiri Express to Mettupalayam from where you can board the iconic Nilgiri Mountain Railway. Summer Festival (May), and Tea and Tourism Festival (December) are the best time to visit Ooty. Pykara Lake, Doddabetta Peak, Glenmorgan Tea Estate, and Toda Hamlets are the main attractions of Ooty. You can also go to market to purchase chocolates, Nilgiri tea, medicinal oils, and shawls. For the lovers of chocolate, don’t forget to take back home some soothing homemade chocolates. Chana chaat (a local snack) Nilgiri Tea and english fruits are a must try.

Attractions in Ooty

  • Botanical Gardens
  • Tea Factory
  • Doddabetta Peak
  • Avalanche Lake
  • Government Rose Gardens
  • Ooty Lake
  • Mudumalai National Park
  • Emerald Lake
  • Stone House
  • St. Stephens Church
  • Wax World
  • Tribal Museum
  • Mariamman Temple

Distance: 179 kilometers
Best time to visit: October to June

5. Chamarajanagar

Gopalaswamy Betta Chamarajanagar


Hardly 114 kilometers from Mysore, Chamarajanagar is known for the Bandipur National Park, a famous wildlife reserve of India. Abode of tigers, Bandipur National Park has wild terrains, which you can explore by going on a jeep safari tour. If you don’t like the idea of going to safari, you can visit the B R Hills, which offers tons of bird watching opportunities, and Shivanasamudra to see the stunning waterfall. For the Wine Connoisseur, Alpine Wineries is a must visit. The guide at the winery will take you through the process of wine-making and arrange a wine-tasting session in the wine cellar.

Attractions in Chamarajanagar

  • Gopalaswamy Betta
  • Bara Chukki
  • Chamarajeshwara Temple
  • Dzogchen Monastery
  • Suvarnavathi Reservoir

Distance: 114 kilometers
Best time to visit: November to February

6. Shravanabelagola


Famed for its iconic and world’s largest monolithic stone statue of Gommateshvara, Shravanabelagola is the ultimate place to be, especially for the history lovers. Located on the top of the Vindhyagiri Hill, a high statue of the Jain deity Gomateshvara (Bahubali) can be seen from anywhere in Shravanabelagola. A prime pilgrimage center for Jains in South India, Shravanabelagola has some good number of temples (or what they call Basadi) like Akkana Basadi, Shantinatha Basadi, Parshwanatha Basadi, Kattlae Basadi, Chandraprabha Basadi.

Attractions in Shravanabelagola

  • Chandragiri
  • Indragiri
  • Jinanathapura
  • Inscriptions
  • Bhattaraka Math

Distance: 97.8 kilometers
Best time to visit: October to February

7. Kodaikanal


Kodaikanal is so true to its meaning, ‘the gift of the forest.’ Often dubbed as the ‘princess of hills,’ Kodaikanal has still an old word charm that simply takes one back to the colonial era, where there were wooden houses with steep roofs, small casement led glass windows, rich ornamentation, and a massive central chimney. In Kodaikanal, you can find some good number of parks, waterfalls, viewpoints, stunning landscapes; in short everything that can excite a nature lover. Even the slopes of Kodaikanal have caves like Devil’s Kitchen and Kukkal caves. To savor the best sites in Kodaikanal, go for a boating ride at the forest forest-fringed Berijam Lake or go for a short walk at the Coaker’s Walk. For the dance lovers, Natyanjali festival can prove to be a good time to visit Kodaikanal to see the exciting performances.

Attractions in Kodaikanal

  • Kodaikanal Lake
  • Mannavanur Lake
  • Berijam Lake
  • Coakers Walk
  • Poombarai Village View
  • Pine Forest
  • Kurinji Andavar Temple
  • Shembaganur Museum of Natural History
  • Pillar Rocks
  • Bear Shola Falls

Distance: 356 kilometers
Best time to visit: September to May

8. Belur

chennakesava temple belur

One of the places in India that have managed to preserve its medieval style of architecture, Belur is a small town in the Hassan district of Karnataka. One of the best winter destination close to Mysore, Belur is primarily known for Chennakesava temple, which portrays the finest and exquisite craftsmanship of Hoysala architecture style. One of the jewels of South Indian architecture, Chennakesava Temple was built in 1117 to commemorate the Hosalaya triumph over the Cholas. In and around the temple are temples of Kappe Chennigaraya, Soumyanayaki, Andal and other Vaishnava manifestation. Belur also has a samadhi believed to be of Raghavanka, the celebrated Kannada poet of the 13th century. Pushkarni, a stepwell closed to the temple is also a must visit. Halebeedu, Shravanabelagola, and Belur together forms the Golden Triangle of Karnataka Tourism.

Attractions in Belur

  • Chennakesava Temple
  • Kedareshwara temple
  • Belur Golf Course

Distance: 127.6 kilometers
Best time to visit: October to March

9. Halebidu

halebid intricate carvings

If Belur is here, can Halebidu be far behind? No way. The twin city of Belur; Halebidu is an offbeat weekend destination. With its one foot hanging in the history, Halebidu showcases a great collection of vestiges, which are the testaments of the events that took place in the history of India. The principal attraction of the city remains the iconic Hoysaleswara Temple, begin in 1121 AD by King VIshnuvardhana, but never finished. Further adding to the historical significance of this land is the Shantaleswara temple and Kedareswara temple. Also within the vicinity of the temple of the temple town are Jain temples and an Archeological museum. Don’t forget to buy terracotta statues and religious items from the market.

Attractions in Halebidu

  • Hoysaleswara Temple
  • Basadi Halli
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Kedareswara Temple
  • Shantaleswara Temple
  • Yagachi Dam

Distance: 154 kilometers
Best time to visit: October to March

10. Kabini

Banasura Sagar Dam


Owing to its good number of jungle resort getaway, Kabini is quite popular amongst the travelers to spend holidays. On a day trip to Kabini, you can go for a boat ride on the streams of Kabini river; jump on the elephant to treat your eyes the sweeping view of the forest, and even hop on the safari to mingle with the good variety of animals. For adventurers at heart, there are an endless number of trekking trails where you can have an encounter with the most pristine form of nature. You can also visit Nagarhole National Park, a known wildlife reserve in India that features unique flora and fauna.

Attractions in Kabini

  • Kabini Dam
  • Banasura Sagar Dam
  • Nagarhole National Park (64.8 kilometers from Kabini)

Distance: 58.9 kilometers
Best time to visit: July to October

11. Ramanagaram



Before knowing about the place, do me a small favor? Google about and tell me, does it recall you of something? I sure, the mostly Cinephilia must have recalled it immediately. For others, let me tell give you a small hint. It is the same place, where Amjad Khan delivered his iconic dialogue “Kitne Aadmi The”. Still didn’t get it? It was this place where Dharmendra ordered, “Basanti In Kutton Ke Samne Matt Nachna”. Yes, this is the place where Sholay movie was shot, and its name is Ramanagara. A beauty in disguise, Ramanagara is known for sericulture and finest landscapes. Also, Ramanagara has a sound historical background as it was ruled by many rulers like Gangas, Cholas, Hoysalas, Vijayanagara, Mysore kings, Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. Janapada Loka, Kanva Reservoir, Channapatna, Mekedaatu, Kharkhaane Bande, and Rameshwara 1and Sri Rama Temples are good places to visit in Ramanagara on a weekend break.

Attractions in Ramanagaram

  • Janapada Loka
  • Kanva Reservoir
  • Channapatna
  • Mekedaatu
  • Kharkhaane Bande
  • Rameshwara and Sri Rama Temples

Distance: 58.9 kilometers
Best time to visit: November to February

12. Wayanad


Charismatic green jungles, epic history, and giddying hill peaks, Wayanad impresses everybody instantly! Wayanad is located on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. When on a trip to Wayanad, you can begin your day with a short hike to Edakkal caves. Engravings are spread over an area of 500 sq feet on the two walls of the cave. If the idea of trekking entices you then go for a trek to Chembra Peak to see the heart shaped building, Sahibkkunnu, Valley of Clouds, and Kurisumala Peak. You can also go for a long walk through the tea plantations. You can also end your day by watching the ritualistic dance performance of Kerala. During the act, the dancers take on the form of the gods in a ritual that lasts through the night.

Attractions in Wayanad

  • Chembra Peak
  • Edakkal Caves
  • Kuruvadweep
  • Thirunelli Temple
  • Ambukuthi mala

Distance: 131 kilometers
Best time to visit: Throughout the year

13. Hampi

Hampi Karnataka

Ruins of Hampi are enchanting! It will transport you to the world where everything was magnificent, grand, unique and larger than life. What makes this place a must visit is that it has evocative ruins of Vijayanagar district. Hampi covers 26sq km land, comprising 2000 temples, and 3000 mandaps. Archaeological Museum, Vijaya Vittala Temple, Monkey Temple (Hanuman Temple), Virupaksha Temple, Royal Enclosure, Riverside Ruins, Queen’s Bath, Hampi Bazaar, Underground Temple, and Hemakuta Hill Temples are some of the places that one should visit in Hampi. On your trip to Hampi, make a point to slap sunscreen, and do carry a water bottle for your journey. Keep this in mind that you will have to walk a lot to explore Hampi. Don’t miss the coracle boat ride over Tungabhadra River. Do stop by the Hampi Bazaar, where you can buy outfits crafted by the local designers. Hampi express is the best way to reach Hampi from Mysore.

Attractions in Hampi

  • Archaeological Museum
  • Vijaya Vittala Temple
  • Monkey Temple (Hanuman Temple)
  • Virupaksha Temple
  • Royal Enclosure
  • Riverside Ruins
  • Queen’s Bath
  • Hampi Bazaar
  • Underground Temple
  • Hemakuta Hill Temples

Distance: 406 kilometers
Best time to visit: August to March

14. Gokarna

Om Beach Gokarna


Next destination on our list of places to visit near Mysore is Gokarna, located on the west coast of Karnataka. Gokarna is 464 kilometers from Mysore and can be considered as an option of long weekend getaways. It is primarily known for two reasons – Beach that can match the international standards, and temples with exquisite architecture. In short, this place offers an interesting contrast of the best of two worlds. In the temple area of Gokarna, you can find a good number of shrines like Mahabaleshwara Temple, Maha Ganapati temple, and Bhadrakali Temple. When on a temple hopping tour, make sure to dress modestly. Drinking alcohol is not allowed in the temple area of Gokarna. On the contrary to the calm and serene temples are the lively beaches. In Gokarna, you can find a good number of pristine beaches like Om Beach, Kudle Beach, Gokarna beach, Half Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach. All the major shacks closed from April to October.

Attractions in Gokarna

  • Om Beach
  • Kudle Beach
  • Mahabaleshwara Temple
  • Gokarna beach
  • Maha Ganapati temple
  • Bhadrakali Temple
  • Half Moon Beach
  • Paradise Beach
  • Koti Tirtha

Distance: 464 kilometers
Best time to visit: October to March

15. Udupi



A beautiful long distance weekend destination from Mysore, Udupi is known for its Krishna temple and scrumptious cuisines. And pristine beaches that host a good number of water sports activities like surfing, parasailing, rafting, and water scooter. Krishna Mutt, Pajaka, Anantheshwar Temple, Chandramouleshwara temple, Chaturmukha Basadi, Karkala, Kaup Beach, Malpe Beach, and St Mary’s Island are must visit attractions in Udupi. You can also sign up for a helicopter ride that will take you on 10 minutes joy ride to see the sweeping view of Udupi, Manipal, and the pristine Maple beach. From temples to beaches to hills to islands, Udupi is an exciting package of everything. As such, there is no train to reach Udupi but you can take buses.

Attractions in Udupi

  • Malpe Beach
  • Krishna Temple
  • Chandramouleshwara Temple
  • Anantheshwar Temple

Distance: 306 kilometers
Best time to visit: Throughout the year

16. Badami

Bhoothanatha Temple, Badami

I would like to give you a small disclaimer before starting Badami. Because after watching the pictures of Badami, your heart might skip a beat. Such beautiful and mesmerizing are the caves and forts of Badami. Cave temples, Dattatreya temple, Malegitti Shivalaya, Bhutanatha temple, and Archaeological museum are must visit places in Badami. Don’t forget to see the beautiful view of the sun rising above the horizon behind Bhutnath temple. Also, Badami is the gate to two historic sites like Pattadakal and Aihole. Badami is 501 kilometers from Mysore, and to reach here, you can either take a car or bus. Trains like Sainagar Shirdi Weekly Express, Basava Express, and Gol Gumbaz Express are available from Mysore to reach Badami. If you don’t like a long train journey, take a train till Bangalore and then board a bus. And one more thing, forgetting a camera on a trip to Badami will be a big sin.

Attractions in Badami

  • Badami Fort
  • Badami Cave Temples
  • Aihole
  • Agastya Lake
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Bhoothanatha Temple

Distance: 511 kilometers
Best time to visit: October to March

17. Madurai

Madurai Meenakshi Temple

According to me, there should sign board at every bus stop and railway station of Madurai – You’re in the colorful, and the most sacred place on the earth. Madurai is the place where the soul of Tamil Nadu resides. Lifeline of Madurai is the enigmatic and classic Meenakshi Amman Temple complex, comprising of 14 architectural marvels, which are an epitome of culture and faith. Riots of colors and statues adorning the walls soothe the eyes of the beholder. Elephant giving blessings is the unique part of the temple, and only Hindus are allowed to enter the inner sanctum. You can also visit Thirumalai Nayak Palace, Thirupparankundram, Gandhi Museum, Kazimar Big Mosque and Maqbara, Vandiyur Mariamman Teppakulam, and Goripalayam Dargah. You can easily get regular trains to Madurai from Mysore.

Attractions in Madurai

  • Meenakshi Amman Temple
  • Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal
  • Gandhi Memorial Museum
  • Koodal Azhagar Temple
  • Alagar Koyil
  • Vandiyur Mariamman Teppakulam
  • Thirupparamkunram Murugan Temple

Distance: 388.6 kilometes
Best time to visit: October to March

18. Coonoor


The second largest hill station in Nilgiri, after Ooty, Coonoor is a beautiful summer destination. Since it was once the favorite place of Britons, here one you see many rustic colonial style bungalows, most of which are now converted into heritage hotels. When in Coonoor, begin your weekend with a good cup of tea, cake, and Varki, and then go for a long stroll on the zig zag trails in the gardens flanked by over thousand species of flowers, and fruit orchards. Further, go to tea plantations, where you can sip over 15 varieties of tea. End your day with a good shopping session at the Tibet Market. Do purchase eucalyptus products from the market. Like Ooty, you can also reach Coonoor by taking the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. Travelling by a personal car can be a good option but you should be brave enough to handle hairpin bends.

Attractions in Coonoor

  • Sim’s Park
  • Dolphin’s Nose
  • Lamb’s Rock
  • Catherine Falls
  • Lady Canning’s Seat
  • Doorg Fort
  • St. George’s Church
  • Hidden Valley
  • Rallia Dam
  • Highfield Tea Factory

Distance: 145 kilometers
Best time to visit: October to March

19. Thekkady


One of the main reason behind the Thekkady being the one of the top weekend destination from Mysore is the because of Periyar National Park, one of the India’s most fascinating wildlife reserve. If thinking about Kerala conjures up the image of elephants; unending chain of hills, and spiced perfumed plantations then you can see all this in Periyar. A good option for a wildlife holiday, Periyar National Park offers to tourists a good number of activities to explore wilderness like 1½-hour boat trips around the lake and jeep safari. Kurisamala to Kumily and Kumily to Pandikuzhi are prominent trekking expeditions. If adventure is simply not your cup of tea and you just want to enjoy a laid back holiday then do for a nature walk to the land of Pandikuzhi or by the waterfalls at Chellarkovil. Apart from the Periyar National Park, you can also visit Gavi Forest, Panchalimedu, Vandiperiyar, Chellarkovil, Mangala Devi Temple, and Abraham’s Spice Garden.

Attractions in Thekkady

  • Green Park Ayurvedic & Spices Plantation
  • Mudra Cultural Centre
  • Periyar Lake
  • Periyar National Park
  • Gavi Forest
  • Panchalimedu
  • Vandiperiyar
  • Chellarkovil
  • Mangala Devi Temple
  • Abraham’s Spice Garden

Distance: 461 kilometers
Best time to visit: October to June

20. Alappuzha


The movement, you will take your first step in Alappuzha (locally called Alleppey), you will realize why Kerala is known as the God’s own country. It looks like that Alleppey has come straight from the God’s paintbrush. With backwater channels crisscrossing the landscapes, lagoons, and vast lakes, Alleppey is touted as the ‘Venice of the East.’ Missing a boat ride on the backwater channel will be a big mistake as you will get an opportunity to float along the paddy fields and villages. If at any place, you will not be able to find any backwater then there will be beaches like Alappuzha Beach and Marari Beach.

Attractions in Alappuzha

  • Alleppey Beach
  • Karumadikkuttan
  • Marari Beach
  • Kerala backwater canals
  • Vembanad Lake
  • Mannarasala Temple
  • Mullakkal Bhagavathy Temple
  • Krishnapuram Palace

Distance: 392 kilometers
Best time to visit: June to September & November to February

21. Kozhikode


The very first place where Vasco da Gama landed, Kozhikode is associated with a long chain of socio-political events that have made a mark in the history of India. Regional science center, Pazhassi Raja Museum, Kerala Institute of Research and Development of Schedules Tribes and Castes are amongst the must visit places to witness the grand history of the region. Along with the vestiges that give the glimpses of the cities history, Kozhikode gathers a huge crowd around its beaches. Kozhikode Beach, Kappad Beach, and Beypore Beach are the famous beaches of the region. To tantalize your taste buds, here you can find a good variety of scrumptious cuisines. Visit the famous street of Kozhikode to try the delicious ‘Kozhikodan Halwa’. Don’t forget to visit the spice market at the Court Road to shop for bell metal artifact and other interior decoration items.

Attractions in Kozhikode

  • Kozhikode Beach
  • Kappad Beach
  • Mananchira Square
  • Bypore Beach
  • Thusharagiri Falls
  • Tali Temple
  • Lion’s Park
  • Pazhassiraja Museum
  • Kalipoyika
  • Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary
  • Peruvannamuzhi Dam
  • Krishna Menon Museum

Distance: 211 kilometers
Best time to visit: October to March

22. Chikmagalur



Being a die-hard coffee lover, missing Chikmagalur would have been a big crime. Even if you’re not fond of coffee, its landscapes can surely mesmerize you. Located in the foothills of Mullayanagiri range, Chikmagalur has a good number of attractions like Hebbe Falls, Kalhatti Falls, Kemmanagundi, Horanadu Temple, and, Chikmagalur Golf Club. If somewhere like me, you also believe in the idea that ‘a lot can happen over a cup of coffee,’ do go for a tour to the coffee plantations and visit Coffee Yatra Museum. For adventure junkies, there are a good number of luscious trekking trails, and gushing Bhadra river where you can enjoy rafting.

Attractions in Chikmagalur

  • Mullayanagiri
  • Baba Budangiri (Datta Peeta)
  • Kemmangundi
  • Hebbe Falls
  • Kudremukh National Park
  • Sharadamba Temple
  • Kalhatti Falls
  • Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Coffee Museum
  • Bhadra Dam
  • Manikyadhara Falls
  • Kadambi Falls
  • Sringeri Sharada Peetha

Distance: 177 kilometers
Best time to visit: Throughout the year

23. Goa


Sea, sun, all-night parties and laid-back tropical vibe loads sand, Goa is just the place where every person in India just wants to be. The biggest draw of Goa has to be its pristine beaches, which hosts a good number of adventure activities like water-skiing, windsurfing, ski-biscuit, parasailing, snorkeling, etc. Also, there is a side of Goa that is far more than the beaches and parties. Within the vicinity of Goa, you will be able to find a good number of churches, and forts, epitomes of colonial architecture. Goa is far away from Mysore, but it is approachable by all the means of transport. If you’re fond of nature and have extra days at your disposal then book your train tickets as it will take you through the iconic Konkan railways journey.

Attractions in Goa

  • Arambol Beach
  • Palolem Beach
  • Galgibaga Beach
  • Baga Beach
  • Calangute Beach
  • Anjuna Beach
  • Chapora Fort
  • Naval Aviation Museum
  • St Cajetan’s Church
  • Church and Monastery of St. Augustine
  • Reis Magos Fort

Distance: 622 kilometers
Best time to visit: October to February

24. Coimbatore


Coimbatore might be a little chaotic as it is the industrial hub of Tamil Nadu, but this city has some good number of temples, waterfalls, and wildlife reserves, which ultimately makes it on the radar of every traveler. Marudamalai Temple, Eachanari Vinayagar Temple, Perur Pateeswarar Temple, Siruvani Waterfalls, and Anubhavi Subramaniar Temple are amongst the must visit attractions; all approachable by the excellent modes of transport, provided by the city. If you’re an early morning riser then head down to the Valankulam Lake. Don’t forget to make a spiritual visit to many of the mysterious and awe-inspiring temples of Coimbatore.

Attractions in Coimbatore

  • Perur Pateeswarar Temple
  • Dhyanalinga
  • Siruvani Waterfalls
  • Marudamalai
  • Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park
  • Monkey Falls
  • Amaravathi Dam
  • Gass Forest Museum

Distance: 208.2 kilometers
Best time to visit: September to March

25. Guruvayur

Guruvayur Temple


Home to one of the largest Krishna temple in India, Guruvayur is located in the Thrissur district of Kerala. This tinsel temple town is primarily known for its Krishna Guruvayoorappa, which also occupies a position in the 108 most divine Vishnu temples in the world. Guruvayoor is many a time reckoned as the Dwarka of the South and thus one can estimate its popularity. Along the temple, you can also visit Punnathur kotta Elephant Palace, Statues of Maraprabhu and Guruvayur Kesavan, Gokulam Estates, and Devaswom Museum.

Attractions in Guruvayur

  • Guruvayoor temple
  • Mammiyoor Shiva Temple
  • Parthasarthy Temple
  • Punnathurkotta Elephant Palace
  • Statues of Maraprabhu and Guruyaur Kesavan
  • Institute of Mural Painting
  • Thiru Venkatachalapathy Temple

Distance: 251 kilometers
Best time to visit: December to February

These destinations offer the perfect respite from Mysore’s chaotic lifestyle and make for great escapes during long weekends. In case you know of more places close to Mysore, please do share in the comments.

Published: 04 Nov, 2016
Latika Sabharwal


From New Delhi, Latika is a travel writer who loves to share her expedition experiences with other travel junkies. She devote her time in exploring beaches and trekking to off beat destinations. Her leisure time would include reading a book at any given beautiful sea or river side. She is one of those who do what they love and love what they do.

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