33 Best Beaches in Kerala

33 Best Beaches in Kerala
Last Updated: June 18, 2019

Kerala is not a new name to the sun-worshippers, the 550kms coastal line overlooking the majestic Arabian Sea is the catch of this stunning southern state of India. Studded with some impeccable beaches that are often marked with swaying palms, quaint lighthouses and multi-hued seashells, Kerala is a true paradise for nature lovers. If you are looking for a holiday destination in India, where you can unwind, try some yoga, do your chill thing or maybe just lazy around, then I suggest that you take a look at this list of gorgeous beaches in Kerala.

Kollam Beach:

Kollam Beach Situated in Kollam city, Kollam beach is amongst the most famous beaches in Kerala. Also known as Mahatma Gandhi Beach, it offers a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea. The 144ft tall lighthouse is the landmark of this gorgeous beach that swells with pride during the evening hours. Watching the sunset and visiting the marine aquarium are the two major activities that one can indulge in on the beach. There are some great hotels and resorts in Kollam beach that adds happy memories to your perfect holiday here.

Alappuzha Beach:

alappuzha_beach A popular beach in Kerala, Alappuzha beach is also one of the most scenic beaches in the state. This palm-fringed beach has gained a lot of fame amongst the European tourists, who can be seen here in high numbers. Standing on one end of the beach, the lighthouse adds to the beauty of the place. The sunsets are absolutely stunning and are an absolute must see.

Bekal Beach:

bekal-beach Bekal is a quieter and less crowded beach in Kasargod, Kerala. It is most famous for offering the best view of the Bekal Fort, which is the largest and most well-preserved fort in Kerala. The beach is situated near the border of Karnataka and about 60kms from Kannaur. At a short walk from the beach towards its northern side, there is an estuary, where one can witness the backwaters in Kerala joining the sea. Whether you are looking to spend quality time with your family or remain alone, Bekal beach can be the best bet.

Beypore Beach:

beypore-beach Well the beach is popular as the Beypore port, that served as an international trade center. The beach is situated in Kozhikode and is a perfect place for a hangout. A pristine beach, it is perfect for spending some cozy time with a loved one. Beypore is quite famous for its shipbuilding industry and since you are going to this gorgeous place make sure to buy a small ship souvenir from here.

Chavakkad Beach:

chavakkad_beach The swaying coconut trees, the glittery sand and miles and miles of tranquility, Chavakkad Beach in Thrissur district is nothing less than a paradise for nature lovers. The beach is at a short distance of 5kms from Guruvayoor Temple (Sri Krishna Temple). The highlight of the beach is the estuary, where a river merges into the sea. Although Chavakkad is a popular beach in Thrissur, it exudes serenity and offers an isolated place for those who want to escape from the clamour of the city.

Cherai Beach:

cherai-beach Along with being a coconut tree fringed beach, Cherai beach in Kochi is also known for the multi-hued seashells. A picturesque beach, Cherai remains crowded year round. The major attraction of the beach is the point where the backwater meets the sea. The tides are usually low here, thus creating a wonderful opportunity for swimming for beginners as well. It is a fun place to go with family and friends and of course splashing water on each other is the the best activity to take up here.

Chowara Beach:

chowara_beach Set in the beautiful village of Chowara, this beach is known for its pristine beauty and quaint charm. The village is located at a distance of about 10kms from Kovalam and is a perfect honeymoon getaway in India. Since, it is away from the main city, you can expect some quiet time amidst the beauty of nature here.

Kappad beach:

Kappad-beach Here’s how one recognizes the beach better as… it is the same beach where Vasco Da Gama first landed in India. Kappakkadavu or Kappad beach is one beautiful beach set in the famed city of Calicut or Kozhikode. Today Kappad is amongst the favourite beaches for locals and tourists due to its immaculate and scenic beauty. An old temple situated on the rocks (believed to have been built several decades ago) is one of the major attractions on the beach.

Kanwatheertha Beach:

Kanwatheertha-beach It wouldn’t be incorrect if we say that Kanwatheertha beach is the pride of Kerala tourism. This scenic beach is situated in Kasargod district and only a short distance of 5kms from Manjeshwar. Kanwatheertha is popular amongst tourists as it is an isolatedbeach and is reckoned as a Virgin Territory, where one can experience the authentic hospitality of Kerala.

Kappil Beach:

kappil-beach An isolated beach, Kappil beach is idyllic for a quiet and calm time in solace. Situated in Thiruvananthapuram district in Kerala, this pristine beach is adorned with rustic charm. It can be a perfect haunt for couples, poets and thinkers, who are always in search of isolated places to spend time. However, its fame is increasing and lots of tourists nowadays head to this beach in order to find respite from the noise of the maddening cities. So, before this beach also gets commercialized, one must visit it!

Kizhunna Beach:

Kizhunna-beach The twin beaches in Kannur town in Kozhikhode district are amongst the most beautiful beaches in Kerala. Popularly known as the Kizhunna Ezhara beach, these are idyllic places to relax your tensed mind. The areas of the beach are protected by coves, so tourist can have plenty of good time here. Since, not many people know about this beach the ambiance here remains unspoilt.

Kolavi Palam Beach:

kolavi_palam_beach The golden sand, swaying palms and the azure water…this descriptionmakes it look like any other beach in Kerala, well in reality it is not! It has a different charm as it is one of the most isolated beaches in Kerala. Less human interruption has kept Kolavipalam immaculate and tranquil, which are of course the pivotal features of this beach. If you seek a private time amidst nature, Kolavipalam is the place for you. The beach is also home to Olive Ridley turtles that can be spotted commonly here. Kolavipalam beach is situated in Payyoli in Kozhikode district.

Kozhikode Beach:

Kozhikode-beach Reckoned to offer some of the best sunset views in Kerala, Kozhikode beach is one of its kinds. The two piers that stand in the middle of the sea, the lighthouse erected on the shore, Marine Water Aquarium and Lions Park are the tourist attractions on the beach. Apart from that, the sunrise and sunset are definitely something that you must not miss out here. The evenings are the most magical parts here, when most of us would like to spend time with someone special.

Kuzhupilly Beach:

Kuzhupilly Located near Vypeen in Ernakulam district, Kuzhupilly beach is the centre of fun and excitement. It is one of the most happening beaches in Kerala, where one or the other event takes place throughout the year. An added charm to the beach is it proximity to the backwaters and the paddy fields that runs parallel to it. The coconut fringed beach and the silvery sand along the shore makes it a great place to take a walk upon. Evenings are quiet happening in Kuzhupilly when a large crowd gathers near the beach to make merry.

Lighthouse Beach:

light-house-beach This falcate shaped beach is amongst the most attractive beaches in Kerala. A perfect place to enjoy nature’s bliss, this beach in Kerala is replete with leisure hotels; so if you are seeking a perfect holiday in Kerala, staying in one of these nearby hotels can do the trick for you! A walk on the silvery sands in the evening is one of the best things that you can think of doing here; however, sunbathing, snorkeling, catamaran rides, sunset viewing, cycling on the beach, swimming are also some good options.

Meenkunnu Beach:

Meenkunnu-beach Not so far from the town of Kannur, Meenkunnu beach is a great getaway after a hectic week. Less crowded and beautiful, I mean what more do you want on a lazy weekend? It is also an excellent place to go surfing in India. The rustic surrounding is a major factor why one may want to come here; expect some great photography outcome that will look good on your facebook and instagram wall.

Muzhappilangad Beach:

Muzhappilangad-beach It is one of the few drive-in beaches in India. The long coastline can be driven through which multiplies the fun of being here. The beach is situated between Kannur and Thalassery, where activities like paragliding, parasailing, microlite flights, power boating and catamaran ride are also possible. The beach is also swimmers’ delight; in simple words, Muzhappilangad beach is one place where all the action happens in Kerala.

Munambam Beach:

Munambam-beach A long beach, situated near Vypeen Island in Ernakulam district, Munambam beach is worth paying a visit in Kerala. Also known as Murizis Golden Beach, it has facilities for kite flying as well. Along with spending a beautiful evening here, one has the chance to spend nights at nearby villages where homestays are available.

Neendakara Beach:

Neendakara-Beach The magnificent Neendkara beach is situated about 8kms from Kollam. Neendakara is one clean and beautiful beach, which is evidently the reason why large numbers of tourists visit it. One can witness the beautiful sight of Lake Ashtamudi joining the Arabian Sea here. Sunset is the most eventful time, when many gather here to watch some of the best sunsets in Kerala.

Padinjarekkara Beach:

Padinjarekkara-beach Famed for the marvelous view of the confluence of Bharathapuzha, Tirur River and the Arabian Sea, Padinjarekkara beach is situated near Ponnani in Malappuram district. This white sand beach is a perfect place for bird watching in India as many migratory birds can be spotted here. Water scooters or speed boats and floating coffee shops are the highlight of this beach.

Papanasham Beach:

Papanasham-beach It is Varkala’s most popular beach and is also believed to be holy. Papanasham beach is an action packed beach where activities like parasailing, scuba diving and paragliding, angling and deep-sea fishing can be done. The beach is an important tourist spot in Kerala and is often reckoned asa Hindu pilgrimage. It is believed that a dip in the water of the beach can wash away one’s sin completely. An utterly beautiful beach, Papanasham is definitely a must visit in Kerala.

Payyambalam Beach:

Payyambalam-Beach This beach is one of the most popular beaches in Kerala. Payyambalam beach is situated at a short distance from Kannur and is great place for a family holiday. The mother and child sculpture on the beach is amongst the main attractions of the place. There is also a garden, which is situated at the edge of the beach, from where one can enjoy the majestic view of the sunset. Parasailing and other water sports can be enjoyed on Payyambalam beach.

Poovar Beach:

poovar-beach Unspoilt and pristine is how one can define Poovar beach. Situated at a distance of about 28kms from Thiruvananthapuram, Poovar beach is amongst the finest places that Kerala has to offer. On one side, the azure water takes up the territory; on the other side of the beach is covered with forests that mainly comprise spice plantations, coconut and banana groves. Poovar is ideal for the tortured souls because the tranquility of the place gives them peace of mind and solace, while the magical beauty captivates their hearts.

Samudra Beach:

Samudra-Beach Samudra is amongst the three important beaches in Kovalam that along with two other beaches makes the famous crescent of Kovalam. Being a popular beach in Kovalam, Samudra beach remains crowded through the year. A stroll on the beach is ideal and if you are an absolute sun lover you can enjoy sunbathing here as well.

Shankhumugham Beach:

Shankhumugham-Beach An important beach in Thiruvananthapuram, Shankhumugham beach is situated about 8kms from the city of Trivandrum. The beach is famed for its sunset and to see it many throng here in the evening. Apart from the sunset, Shankhumugham beach is considered important as the annual Bali Tarpanam (Prayers for the dead) is held here. The Aaraat (festival procession) of the Padmanabhaswamy temple also takes place here each year; this famous festival concludes after taking a dip in the water of Shankhumugham beach.

Thaikadappuram Beach:

Thaikadappuram-Beach Situated in the beautiful town near Nileshwar in Kasargod district, Thaikadappuram Beach is a gorgeous beach that is known for offering a wonderful view of the sunset. The scenic setting makes it a delightful place for tourists and locals. The Olive Ridley Turtles that lay eggs here in the monsoon are also one of the main attractions of this beach. Quiet and beautiful, Thaikadappuram beach is apt for those who are looking for some solace.

Thalikulam Snehatheeram Beach:

Thalikulam-Snehatheeram-Bea Referred to as ‘Love Shore’, Snehatheeram beach is an ideal picnic spot. Situated in Thalikulam, which is 25kms from Thrissur, this beach has an open auditorium, open beach, water sports and a lot more. It is reckoned to be one of the most scenic beaches in Kerala and an idyllic place for family hangouts and picnics.

Thikkoti Lighthouse:

Famed due to its lighthouse, Thikkoti Lighthouse beach is yet another great place to be at! Situated in Thikkoti village in Kozhikode district, the beach is an everyday haunt of locals and visitors, who like to either sit by the sea or take a stroll along the shore. The beach is also a haven for migratory birds as well, so one can expect to see various bird species here as well. The famous lighthouse is obviously the main attraction here and makes for some lovely pictures.

Thirumullavaram beach:

Thirumullavaram-beach Located in an isolated place near Kollam city, Thirumullavaram beach is perfect for a beach holiday in India. Uninterrupted from the bustles of the city, this beach is replete with nature and offers its visitors once in a lifetime experience. On a low tide day one can witness Sunday Rock situated in the middle of the city. It is a shallow beach and therefore it makes for a great place for children to swim. The Mahavishnu Temple situated near the beach is yet another attraction here.

Thiruvambady Beach:

Thiruvambady-Beach If you are seeking a lazy beach holiday, Thiruvambady beach near Varkala is exactly what you are looking for. A long stretch of golden sand shore that is fringed with coconut trees waits to offer you an unmatched vacation in Kerala. There are a number of beach resorts that add to the perfectness of your holiday at Thiruvambady with their hospitality and services.

Vakkad Beach:

Vakkad-Beach This beach in Ponnani in Malappuram district is one special beach, where Tirur apuzha or River can be seen meeting the sea. The boat cruise through Ettrikadavu is an experience that you can never forget. The beach is scenic and is usually visited by bird lovers as one has the opportunity to see a large number of migratory birds here.

Valiathura Beach:

Valiathura-Beach Valiathura beach is situated near the famous Shankhumugham beach and is yet another scenic beach in South Coast of Kerala. It is considered as a Fishermen beach as one can find several fishing boats, fishes (for selling) and other fishing relating items here. The best sight here is during monsoon is the unique type of race in which the fishermen take their cataramans to Valiathura Pier and throw them and after doing so; they themselves jump into the water and swim up to it.

Vallikunnu Beach:

Vallikunnu-Beach A perfect place to unwind Vallikunnu beach is absolutely a place for those seeking peace of mind. Situated in Malappuram district, this unspoiled beach attracts a lot of tourists. Activities like swimming, playing volleyball and taking a short brisk walk are some of the few things that can keep you busy here. The beautiful state of Kerala really knows how to woo and with these exquisite beaches, the temptation to visit the state only gets stronger! Hope you can make it to most of the beaches that are mentioned here. Have a fabulous holiday in Kerala!

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