9 Reasons to Visit Badami in Northern Karnataka

9 Reasons to Visit Badami in Northern Karnataka
Last Updated: June 25, 2019

Founded by the Chalukyas, Badami in Karnataka is one destination in India that can steal one’s heart in fractions of second. The heart melting landscape accompanied by beautifully done temples and fort can easily draw the attention of the travellers from around the globe. You may compare this town to other ancient destinations in the country but let us assure you there is only one such place that completely nails the Karnataka tour and Badami is what it is called.

Here are our top 9 reasons as to why you must visit Badami:

For its Rock Cut Cave Temples

Rock Cut Cave Temple

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Dated back in 6th and 7th century AD, the Rock Cut Cave Temples are the main tourist attraction in Badami. Carved out of massive stone cliff, the cave temples are the best example of Chalukya architecture style. There are four cave temples in Badami and each shrine has intricate carvings, depicting the mythological events and religious teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. Amongst the four caves, Cave Temple 1 is the oldest with carvings of Shiva. Cave Temple 2 is completely dedicated to Lord Vishnu who is worshipped in the form of the Preserver. Inside Cave Temple 3, Lord Vishnu can be seen in carved incarnations of Trivikrama and Narasimha and frescoes also depict the wedding of Shiva and Parvati. Cave Temple 4 on the other side is dedicated to Jainism, the cave has figurine of Tirthankara Parshavnatha and Mahavira is shown as sitting. These caves are an important pilgrimage in South India and thus are a must visit.

For its Beautiful Architecture

Beautiful Architecture Badami-2

Photo: bit.ly/1SIFptG

The architecture style of Badami is such that was successful in inspiring the architecture of Vijaynagara Empire. The Rock Cut Caves found here is probably one of the most scenic structures in India. The inner halls of the caves have prolific sculptural symbolism; there is a fine balance of versatility and restrain in the caves. On the other hand stands the Bhutnatha Temple, which has the mix of Dravidian and Jain style architecture, intricate carvings and stone sculptures make the temples here look spectacular.

For its Breathtaking Sunset View at Bhootnath Temple

Sunset View

Photo: bit.ly/1R4Nprm

Situated amidst the ravine with surrounding mountains, the temple Bhutnath is the perfect place to witness the sunset in Badami. The last rays of sun turn everything into gold that it touches and the view is such that cannot be described in words. It is probably one of the most romantic sunsets in India and is best shared with a loved one.

Because it is a Gateway to Historic Sites

Virupaksha Temple Pattadakal

Photo: bit.ly/1IPdLFU

Badami is the gate to the historic sites like Pattadakal and Aihole. Pattadakal is the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is situated at a distance of 22kms from Badami. The town houses both Nagara and Dravidian style of architecture, Virupakasha Temple being the example of its exquisite architecture. On the other hand, Aihole is a village which stands on the west side of Badami. The place is a potential UNESCO site as it is replete with temple complexes out of which few date back to 5th century BCE.

Because it is an Ideal Photography Destination

Badami Photography

Photo: bit.ly/1QqKub1

Nothing can beat the beauty of Badami. Blessed and adorned with nature’s best and sound temples and monuments, Badami makes for an ideal photography destination in India. The undertones of the edifices and the vibrancy of flora conjure an image that cannot be second.The beauty of the place is such that picture taken from any angle looks simply outstanding. Therefore, for those who enjoy photography, Badami is a must visit in India.

Because it Traces History of the Chalukyas

Badami Fort

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It feels like every nook and corner of Badami tells the tale of Chalukyas contribution in the art and architecture of Badami. Their taste in architecture can be clearly seen in Badami. Kirtivarman I and his brother Mangalesha (sons of the founder of Badami Pulakeshin I) are responsible for the construction of cave temples. Badami Fort also tells a story of Chalukyas as the complex has several structures that have been constructed according to the taste of Chalukya rulers. Every stone and corner in Badami in a way narrate a tale of the contribution of Chalukyas that not only founded the city but made it their beloved vernacular.

Because Time Stands Still at Badami


Photo: bit.ly/1YTQHzc

The scent in the air of Badami, the flawless nature’s beauty and the mighty ancient structures seems to have made the time stand still in Badami. The town has its own pace of doing things; there is no rush hour, no hustle and bustle and no elements of disturbance that can rob off the charm of this distinct place. It seems nothing has changed over the years here, the town has only got better each year.

Because it is Where Solace Can be Found

Badami Solace

Photo: bit.ly/1XOKV4M

Badami allows one to cradle in the lap of Mother Nature. Far from the maddening rush that we all are so used to, this place is perfect place to find solace. The ravines, the rain-fed waterfalls, the majestic yet humble ancient structures and the fringing mountains transport one to a world where one can mend roads to self discovery. It is one of those places that let one understand the meaning of life and the purpose of existence. It tells that nothing is permanent yet humility can withstand the trials of time longer.

Because Monsoon Can’t Get Any Better than Here

Bhootnath Temple During Monsoon

Photo: bit.ly/1QakMZO

The picture above says it all; rare are the places that become beautiful in the season in India that is known more for destruction rather than enhancing the beauty. Therefore, one can assert that monsoon is the best season to be in Badami as the rain water elicits the hidden beauty of the town. Badami becomes greener and various silver streams cascade from the mountains offering an unmatched view to be savoured by the nature lovers.

Badami has truly melted our heart with its humble beauty and we are sure that it has also convinced you to plan a trip there soon. If you have already been to this beautiful place, suggest us more reasons as to why one must visit here. And if you have just included Badami in the bucketlist after reading this blog, then allow us the chance to serve you with great Badami holiday packages. We at Tour My India meticulously design tour packages in India that fit best to each budget and interest. We are available at +91-9212553106 and reply to mails at info@tourmyindia.com.

Published: 07 Dec, 2015
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