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Top 20 Beautiful Escapades for an Amazing Holiday in Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Ooty is often called as ‘Switzerland of India’ and no doubt the beauty of Ooty totally justifies this name.  Ooty is dotted against the highest peak in Nilgiris, Ootacamund. The deep verdant valleys, clear blue skies, emerald grassy slopes, traditional and colonial style buildings, beautiful tea and coffee plantations and mesmerizing forests of Eucalyptus will seduce your eyes and tickle your lenses for amazing pictures. It is one of the best scenic hill stations of South India. It has something for every traveler. The vintage feel of Ooty will lure the history buffs, the gorgeous vistas will soothe the soul of every nature lover and honeymoon couple. In fact, due to its immense beauty and pleasant climate Ooty is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations in India.

This popular summer as well as winter retreat in South India is blessed with many interesting tourist attractions. The stunning government Botanical Garden, Ooty Lake, mesmerizes Doddabetta Peak to one of the largest valleys in the world, Ketti Valley. The sights and sounds of Ooty will never fail to surprise you.

In order to plan a trip to Ooty just keep reading this guide to sightseeing tours in Ooty. We are sure you will thank us later.

Quick Info on Ooty Tourism

Ooty Nickname Switzerland of india
Top Nature Attractions in Ooty Botanical Garden, Rose Garden, Ketti Valley View, Doddabetta Peak, Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Avalanche Lake, Upper Bhavani Lake, Ooty Lake, Mukurthi National Park
Top Things to Do in Ooty Trekking, Shopping, Cycling, Rafting, Fishing, Camping, Boating, Wildlife Safari, Temple hopping, Toy Train Ride
Top Places for Couples in Ooty Ooty Lake, Rose Garden, Ketti Valley View, Doddabetta Peak, Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Kalhatti Falls, Catherine Falls, Upper Bhavani Lake
Top Kids Friendly Destinations in Ooty Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Avalanche Lake, Botanical Garden, Rose Garden, Ooty Lake, Ketti Valley View, Wax World Museum
Best Time to Visit Ooty Summer as well as Winters

List of Top Tourist Places in & around Ooty, Tamil Nadu

  • Doddabetta Peak
  • Botanical Garden
  • Rose Garden
  • Ooty Lake
  • Deer Park
  • Upper Bhavani Lake
  • Nilgiri Mountain Railway
  • Avalanche Lake
  • St Stephen Church
  • Mariamman Temple
  • Mukurthi National Park
  • Ooty Golf Course
  • Kalhatti Waterfalls
  • Ketti Valley View
  • Tribal Research Center
  • Lamb’s Rock
  • Glenmorgan, Ooty
  • Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Stone House
  • Catherine Waterfalls

Recommended Tour Packages

Doddabetta Peak

Doddabetta Peak Ooty

Doddabetta Peak should not be missed on your travel itinerary if you are in Ooty. It is one of the highest peaks of the Nilgiris. If you are a nature lover, then this sight will definitely delight your heart. The place is decorated with stunning eucalyptus plants, ferns and sholas. On clear days, you will be spellbound to behold the picturesque green landscapes.

Not only that, the most gorgeous summits of Kulkuri, Kattadalu and Hecuba offer the most stunning views to cherish for a lifetime. Here you can also hold the hand of your loved ones and spend some quality time together. It is indeed one of the top sightseeing attractions in Ooty.

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Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden Ooty

At an elevation of 2500 ft, the stunning Botanical Garden at the lower slopes of Doddabetta mountain is one of the most popular attractions to see in Ooty. If you love to spend time amidst the serenity of nature then this place is perfect to listen to the silence of nature.

The garden is divided into six sections-, Conservatory, Fountain Terrace and Nurseries, Lower Garden, Italian Garden, New Garden. It houses natural flora of Nilgiri Peaks, Cork Tree, 20 million old fossil trees, manicured lawns, rare species of floras, Italian garden, fern house which has a variety of ferns and orchids, a monkey puzzle tree to blow your heart away. Visiting here would be a one-of-a-kind experience with nature.

Highlight – Every Year a Flower Show is organized by the Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department in the month of May.

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Rose Garden

Rose Garden Ooty

Dale Carnegie has well said that “We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our windows today.” If you are in Ooty then the Rose Garden is one of the best attractions for your honeymoon trip. It is a perfectly romantic setting to spend some special time with your beloved.

It has around 2500 varieties of roses which till now is considered as the largest collection of roses in India. You will behold hybrid tea roses, ramblers, green roses, miniature roses, black roses, floribunda and rose creepers and so on. The breathtaking view of the entire gorgeous landscape from Nila Maadam offers much delight to the eyes and soul of a traveler.

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Ooty Lake

Ooty Lake

If you had the most beautiful evening and the most joyful boat ride then Ooty Lake must be the reason behind it. The most interesting thing apart from a delightful boat ride is to see several boat races which can be seen throughout the year. The awesome amusement park and mini garden are the major attractions here that will make your weekends in Ooty more cheerful.

The lush greenery all around and stunning eucalyptus trees makes the ambiance of this lake worth capturing on your lens.  The lake covers an area of around 65 acres and was constructed by John Sullivan in 1824. It is also one of the most favorite spots for birdwatchers. The beautiful backdrop of the Nilgiris makes this place a scenic wonder to escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

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Deer Park

Deer Park Ooty

If by nature you love thrill and adventure then Deer Park in Ooty is a perfect place for a lot of adventures. This Park is exclusively made for deers. Variety of deer species like Sambhar deer, chitals, different species of flowers and plants, varieties of birds, hares and rabbits makes the ambiance of Deer Park soul pleasing.

The Park is very close to Ooty Lake. So, if you are planning a great weekend or a family vacation in Ooty, you must visit Deer Park for long lasting memories.

Timings – 10;00am to 5:00pm

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Upper Bhavani Lake

Upper Bhavani Lake Ooty

Hidden in the Nilgiri Hills and located above the avalanche area, Upper Bhavani Lake’s blue waters are a sight of serenity and tranquil bliss. The lush green mountains covered in mists and fog and verdant forests are the thing of beauty and joy forever. These sights will never fade away from your memory even after you have left this scenic place.

The immense beauty of greenery all around, the lofty mountains will again call you to spend some moments of peace. It is one of the best places to visit for honeymoon couples in Ooty. Spend an evening roaming around the greenery enriched lakeside or simply sit idle to feel the romanticism of solitude.

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Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Do not miss the amazing ride of Nilgiri Mountain Railway otherwise you will miss the best opportunity to view the stunning landscapes. Nilgiri Mountain Railway runs from Mettupalayam to Ootacamund or Ooty. It covers 16 tunnels and 250 bridges during the journey. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The structure and design of Nilgiri Mountain Railways has still kept the aura of colonial times intact. The steam locomotives look absolutely stunning. The first two stations are lovedale and Ketti which are surrounded by enchanting forests which opens up to emerald tea plantations, lush green valleys, from Coonoor to Mettupalayam the route is a bit steep, the misty hills and coconut and palm trees all around will take you to the world of bliss. This toy train ride is one of the best things to do in Ooty.

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Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake Ooty

If you are looking for day trip options from Ooty avoiding sound and crowd, simply head to Avalanche Lake which is around 28km from the center of the city. The emerald lake is surrounded by thick forests, even the light of the sun finds it difficult to come here. The entire landscape is blessed with shadows.

It is said that the lake got its name from a major landslide that took place in the 1800s. It is one of the best spots for adventure activities in Ooty. Tourists can enjoy trekking, camping, fishing and rafting for a memorable family holiday. Just imagine your day around the blooming flowers, the lush foliage and the stunning lake with plenty of opportunities for adventure. Isn’t it amazing?

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St Stephen Church

St Stephen Church Ooty

Apart from the scenic natural wonders and adventure activities, one must look for surreal bliss and spiritual wisdom. There is no better place than St Stephen Church which you must not miss if you are planning a trip to Ooty. Built in colonial times, St Stephen Church is an amazing piece of British style architecture.

It houses the painting of ‘The Last Supper’ and the wall paintings which depicts the scenes from Jesus Christ’s life.  The stained-glass windows, wooden architecture delights the eyes of the tourists. It is one of the most popular religious tourist attractions to visit in Ooty.  The peaceful ambiance of the church and the surreal architecture of the bygone times makes the church a beautiful retreat for solace seekers.

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Mariamman Temple

Mariamman Temple Ooty

Embrace the divine peace in the abode of goddess of Rain, Mariamman Temple. The temple is located near the market of Ooty. The goddess Mariamman is a form of Goddess Kali who is also known as Mahamaayi or Sheetala Gowri.

As per the legends it is said that one day two sisters of divine look appeared in the market of Ooty. When they asked the locals for a place to stay they were told to stay under a tree nearby. The locals didn’t know that those two sisters were goddesses. When they were under the tree, a sudden flash of lightning appeared and the sisters disappeared. Locals after seeing that understood that they were goddesses.

So, they built the temple for the two sisters, Goddess Kaliamman and Mariamman. It is the only place where the goddesses are seen together. Tuesday is considered as an auspicious day to worship Goddess Mariamman. In case you are in Ooty in April, try to look up the dates of Ooty Mariamman Temple Festival so that you can fix an appointment. It is one of the best places to visit in Ooty.

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Mukurthi National Park

Mukurthi National Park

Higher altitude of Nilgiris is one of the top places to visit in Ooty as it is blessed with the most beautiful Mukurthi National Park. extremely stunning landscapes, dense sholas, ferns, Orchids and Rhododendrons and lush vegetation teeming with rich wildlife like Sambhar, Barking deer, Otter, Jungle Cat, Nilgiri Tahr, Butterflies, woodcocks, wood pigeons, black eagles and so on. Your eyes will not be able to rest, there are infinite things to behold.

If you want to enjoy the best of Ooty tourism then camping and trekking in Mukurthi National Park is absolutely a must not miss to enrich your travel experience. It is a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Visiting Mukurthi is absolutely worth it for an amazing family vacation in Ooty.

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Ooty Golf Course

Ooty Golf Course

Have you ever played the game of golf amidst the thick woods and that too at an altitude of 7200ft? No? then do visit Ooty Golf Course. No doubt it is one of the most popular tourist destinations and an attractive golf course in Ooty.

The gorgeous lush greenery all around, avalanchi ranges and amidst the thick forests playing a game of golf in an eighteen-hole golf course is one-of-a-kind experiences difficult to find somewhere else. The trees of Eucalyptus, Rhododendron, Oak, Fir will soothe your eyes as it enhances the scenic beauty of this golf course.

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Kalhatti Waterfalls

Kalhatti Waterfalls Ooty

In the village of Kalhatti, lies the scenic and forever enchanting Kalhatti Waterfalls. The journey to this cascading waterfall requires a 2-mile trek which is a wonderful adventure in itself.  On your way to this waterfall, you will witness an age-old bridge and a stone path which was built during colonial times. The stunning waterfall offers the mesmerizing views of picturesque landscapes teeming with rich wildlife. You will come across bison, wild buffaloes, rare black panthers, deers, and wild dogs. The entire landscape is decorated with greenery.

It is also one of the best spots for bird watching if you are a bird watcher and a nature lover. The spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, pepper and sandalwood plantations around the area increase the magnificence and beauty of Kalhatti Waterfalls. It is one of the top tourist destinations to visit around Ooty.

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Ketti Valley View

Ketti Valley View

Starts from the plains of Coimbatore and ends in Mysore plateau, Ketti Valley View is one of the largest valleys in the world. It is a must not miss tourist destination if you are in Ooty for a family vacation. It is decked with 14 scenic villages which are an epitome of refreshing vibes and bliss.

The stations of Lovedale and Ketti look absolutely gorgeous and they are worth spending some quality time with family and friends. The absolutely stunning mountain ranges, green Oaks, scenic tea plantations will make your day. This is also one of the best honeymoon destinations in Ooty. The place has so much to offer in terms of beauty, serenity, refreshment, nature escape, romantic views and peace. One can also visit the World Wax Museum and needle making industries.

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Tribal Research Center

Tribal Research Center Ooty

If you are interested to know about the tribal culture and traditions of Tamil Nadu in minute detail, perhaps TRC (Tribal Research Centre) of Ooty is the best option. You will definitely get useful insights on tribal culture and heritage. Artifacts like ornaments, paintings, hunting and fishing materials, agricultural tools, pottery, weapons and sculptures of 36 different ethnic communities of Tamil Nadu will blow your heart away.

It is a great way to spend time in Ooty. After all, what is fun is seeing only attractions without knowing deeply about the traditions and culture of the place? The center has an open-air tribal museum along Audio-video system where you can enjoy tribal dance and song. It is definitely one of the top tourist destinations to explore in Ooty.

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Lamb’s Rock

Lamb’s Rock

Lamb’s Rock is a popular tourist spot in Coonoor where you should travel only if you know to respect the relationship between solitude and the beauty of nature. If you can reach here in the morning at around 8 or so you get to see the valley at its best. Placid, coated with the layers of cloud and decked with abundant greenery, this viewpoint lets you witness the beauty of Coimbatore Plains along with the coffee estates and tea estates growing on the slopes of the Nilgiri Hills.

Timings – 9:00am to 5:00pm

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Glenmorgan, Ooty

Glenmorgan Ooty

Glenmorgan offers the panoramic views of picturesque landscapes and a chance to spend best quality time with friends and family. It is very popular for its rich wildlife and tea estate. From the foot of the tea estate, you will witness the forever enchanting Moyar Valley, it is a valley dipped in serenity and Pykara powerhouse.

Also, the breathtaking views of Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary will rejuvenate your toil – weary soul.  If you are a birdwatcher, you should definitely head to this place. It also has a small ropeway running from a power house in Singara to Glenmorgan. The beauty of this place is so magical that one cannot resist to satiate the hunger of greenery-loving eyes. It is one of the must-see places for an amazing holiday in South India.

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Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Located on the banks of the river Moyar, lies the extremely scenic paradise for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary which is also considered as one of the top tourist destinations to see in Ooty. It is the most popular Tiger Sanctuary and a bird watcher’s paradise.

Birds like black woodpecker, brown dove, falcons, king vultures are in abundance here. The park houses around 266 species of birds along with critically endangered Indian white-rumped vulture and long-billed vulture. Apart from that you will witness elephants, sambhar deers, mouse deers, reptiles like crocodiles and snakes, Indian Leopard and Gaur etc.

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Stone House

Stone House Ooty

Stone House is considered to be an identifier of Ooty as it was built by the first collector and the founder of the British settlement in Ooty- John Sullivan. It is one of the most popular heritage attractions to explore in Ooty. It is believed to be the first ever British bungalow constructed in Ooty.

The bungalow was called Kal Bangla by the tribals. Today, the house is converted into Government Arts College of Ooty. The night view of the house is superb and you should explore the collection of relics inside the house. Currently you cannot explore it from inside but the outside and fence will take you back in colonial times.

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Catherine Waterfalls

Catherine Waterfalls

Popular nature escapades, serene ambiance and refreshing vibes that can heal your mind, body and soul, Catherine Waterfalls near Ooty is a blissful attraction to spend some quiet time with your family. Lush greenery of Nilgiris, stunning landscapes, the gorgeous views of the Kallar river and from beyond the mountains the stunning Catherine waterfalls – what an amazing view this could be to captivate your senses. The emerald tea gardens and lush forests around the waterfalls look absolutely stunning for some adventurous trekking trails. Claimed to be the second highest waterfall in Nilgiris, this double-cascaded mountain stream is one of the most favorite destinations to visit around Ooty.

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Holidaying in Ooty would be so much pleasurable if you consider all these places in your Ooty travel itinerary. Trust us you will never regret visiting these places. Ooty is considered as one of the best hill stations to visit in South India. No matter how beautifully we write about such destinations, the real aura of the place can only be felt after visiting it. So, if you are planning a trip to Ooty, don’t wait, pack your bags and hurry up. Also share your delightful travel experiences with us in the comment section of the blog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the best time for holidaying in Ooty?

The climate of Ooty is pleasant throughout the year. Ooty always gives refreshing vibes. It is one of the best hill stations to visit in South India. March to June is the best time to visit Ooty to escape the sultry weather of plains and during winter Ooty is very popular for adventure and trekking, if you like misty mountains and chilly weather then winter is the best time for you to visit Ooty. During monsoon Ooty gives the best views of nature. The waterfalls will not be dry, you will feel the freshness of nature, the flowers will bloom, the rain will shower on you frequently but the roads get slippery and fog will decrease the visibility on roads.

Q.What is the nearest airport & railway station to Ooty?

  • Nearest Airport -Coimbatore Airport is closest to Ooty. Apart from that one can also consider Mysore Airport which is 4 hours away from Ooty.
  • Nearest Railway Station- Mettupalayam Railway Station is the closest railhead to Ooty and one can also consider a toy train ride from Coonoor to Nilgiri Hills.

Q.How many minimum days are required to explore the best of Ooty tourism?

It depends on you how much time you want to spend amidst the refreshing vibes and serenity of Ooty. It has so many places to explore and with the thrill of adventure activities you can enjoy the best of Ooty tourism. Come here for a week to explore this scenic hill station and enjoy some fun filled activities for a memorable holiday.

Q.What are the best activities to do in Ooty for tourists?

  • Nilgiri mountain Train Ride
  • Botanical Garden Visit
  • Doddabetta Peak
  • Pubs and Bars of Ooty
  • Wax World Museum
  • Shopping
  • Visit Deer Park
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Trekking
  • Kotagiri Trek
  • Temple hopping
  • Cycling
  • Boating
  • Enjoy Tea and Tourism Festival

Q.What are the top tourist attractions in Ooty?

  • Botanical Garden
  • Rose Garden
  • Ooty Lake
  • Doddabetta Peak
  • St Stephen Church
  • Glenmorgan
  • Kalhatti Falls
  • Mariamman Temple
  • Upper Bhavani Lake
  • Catherine Waterfalls
  • Pykara
  • Nilgiri Mountain Train

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