Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Chikmagalur Travel & Tourism Guide, Karnataka


Chikmagalur Tourism

Almost every tourist who visits this scenic town falls in love with Chikmagalur's cool and pleasant atmosphere that compliments the rolling valleys, burdened with refreshing coffee gardens. This picturesque destination is on the wish list of many coffee fans and nature lovers, who love to explore this serene town, which once was a melting pot of different cultures. Hosting numerous attraction in its vicinity, Chikmagalur lures many guests with its everlasting beauty that combines rolling valleys, lush green landscapes, scintillating rivers, and aromatic coffee gardens.

There are several things that make Chikmagalur one of the best places to visit in Karnataka and Mullayanagiri is one such place, where tourists experience adventure trekking and nature trails. These activities encourage tourism in Chikmagalur and makes it a place worth visiting. Chikmagalur have plenty of points that offer breathtaking views of mountains and emerald landscapes with abundant coffee plants. This place is known as the 'coffee land' of Karnataka and is one of the largest coffee producers in India.

Chikmagalur has a very unique and interesting history. If legends have to be believed, this place belonged to the daughter of Rukmangada, the ruler of Sakharayapatna, who gave this town to her as a gift of her wedding. If we translate the meaning of Chikmagalur in English, it says 'Young Daughter's Town'. The fact makes this place even more appealing for visitors, who love to flock into the city, especially during weekends to enjoy its cool & comfortable climate.

There are several attractions in Chikmagalur including Nehru Rose Garden, Kudremukh National Park, Kalhatti Falls, Hebbe Falls, Kadambi Falls, coffee museum, etc. All these places deserves to be seen and explored. So, if you are on an expedition to this incredible hill station in Karnataka, don't miss the places below…

Popular Tourist Attractions in Chikmagalur

Hebbe Falls, Karnataka

Hebbe Falls: This beautiful waterfall is located around 10 km from the main city and offers an amazing view of Kemmangundi hill station. Water gushes down from this stunning fall and form two different waterfalls-Dodda Hebbe (Big Falls) and Chikka Hebbe (Small Falls). Verdant forest covering the waterfall, makes the ambience of this place, soothing to unwind and distress.

Baba Budan Giri: Also known as Chandra Drona Parvatha, this fabulous spot in the north of Chikmagalur town has many intriguing caves and scenic points that offer spectacular views of the mountains and rolling valleys. Tourists can experience hiking, trekking, and enjoy nature trails at this destination.

Mullayyangiri: This is the highest peak in Karnataka, close to 2000 meters and is surrounded by picturesque valleys and emerald coffee gardens. This mountain peak is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and so, many trekkers trek all the way up to reach the highest point to offer their prayers to the god. Beautiful surroundings of this place combines exotic flora & precarious hills.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary: This glorious sanctuary has several species of animals, birds and trees. Some of the famous animals spotted here include Chinkara, four-horned antelopes, jackals, leopards, black bucks, and jungle cats.

Mullayyangiri, Karnataka

Things-to-do in Chikmagalur

  • Since the place is known for its coffee and spice plantations, tourists can come here to experience a peaceful walk at the scented gardens
  • Chikmagalur enjoys a very pleasant weather throughout the year, attracting tourists from all over the country to enjoy the cool and calm atmosphere of the place
  • This place has a lot of plantation resorts, homestays, and heritage bungalows, giving wide options to the tourists to plan a leisure holidays in the comfort of tranquil valley
  • Tourists can enjoy trekking, nature walks, and hiking at this enchanting destination and explore the beautiful waterfalls, forest ranges, and coffee plantation that are worth a visit
  • Tourists can visit religious destinations like Sringeri, Horanadu, and Balehonnur from Chikmagalur as they are easily accessible from here
  • Chikmagalur has the headquarters of the famous coffee brand ‘Coffee Day’ and it also has a Coffee Research Station. So, tourists must definitely visit this town to see how the coffee is produced 

Where To Stay Chikmagalur is a perfect place to enjoy your sojourn amidst hills & gardens. It is a place worth mentioning in the list of the most beautiful destinations in Karnataka. Tourists visit this exotic town on weekends to enjoy the pleasant weather, which remains calm & peaceful throughout the year. Chikmagalur houses many beautiful hotels and homestays that offer luxurious facilities to meet the expectations of tourists. Here are some of the best places to stay in Chikmagalur in an absolutely comfortable way…

  • Eagle Eye Holiday Resort
  • FJ Comforts Inn
  • Honeyvale Homestay
  • Hotel Rajmahal
  • Athithi Home Stay
  • Hotel Rajmahal
  • Ammadi Homestay
  • Antique Homestay
  • Woodway Estate Homestay
  • The Serai

Travel Information

By Air: Nearest airports are located in cities like Bangalore (245 Kms), Mangalore (152 Kms), and Maysore (178 Kms) that are well-connected to Chikmagalur through road.

By Rail: Closest railway stations are located at Birur, Kadur, and Tarikere and the facilities such as bus service and cabs are easily available from these stations.

By Road: Chikmagalur has good road connectivity as there are two national highways that pass through the district of Chikmagalur. Regular bus service and taxis connects this hill station to other major cities of Karnataka.

Best Time To Visit: October to April