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11 Best Things to Do in Coorg

11 Best Things to Do in Coorg
Last Updated: August 27, 2019

If I say that Coorg is the Kashmir of South India, I wouldn’t be exaggerating or would I be? Well, if you see, except for the snow clad mountains, there is nothing that Coorg lacks when it comes to natural beauty. A lovely place to escape the sultry heat and the humidity of the South, Coorg is a destination that serves the purpose of delivering complete rejuvenation to body, mind and soul. There are several ways to enjoy Coorg; the hill station offers multiple activities to choose from for making a vacation here memorable. We have come up with a list of 11 things that you must do in Coorg in order to make your holiday in South India worth it! But before we go into the list, here is a glimpse of Coorg to give you a feel of what you are missing right now:

Camp under the Open Sky

Camping in Coorg

In a beautiful destination like Coorg, camping seems to be an ideal activity to take up. I mean what better way to spend a vacation than to pitch tent under the open sky at a picturesque place in Coorg! There are plenty of places that camping in Coorg can be done, most people like to camp at near Nalaknad Palace, Votecad, Gonikoppal and near Chelavara Falls for an experience like no other. If you are someone who enjoys the ever-changing beauty of nature than these campsites in Coorg are the right fit for your choice.

River Rafting in the Whimsical Barapole River

River Rafting Coorg

To get the adrenaline rushing, river rafting is one of the best adventure activities one can sign in Coorg. River Barapole that flows through Coorg offers great opportunity for adventure loving visitors. The river is said to have some attractive stretches to raft through. So, if you are in Coorg and adventure is your idea of spending a vacation then you must try river rafting here.

Take a Jeep Safari to the Off Beaten Trails

Jeep Safari

Now, the landscape in Coorg is something that we all can’t resist to call gorgeous and what better way to explore it than to take a jeep safari. The 4WD safari can help you explore the deep jungles of Western Ghats where beauty has no prominent description. It is an ideal way to get connected to the pristine nature, learning about its importance, its problems and conservation relevance. There are four ideal types of jeep safaris in Coorg that you can enjoy:

  • Nishani Hills in Madhanad
  • Mallali Waterfalls at Mahadev Pette
  • Mandalpatti at Thimmaiah Circle Madikeri
  • Kabbe Hills at Madikeri

Hike and Trek to Explore the Hidden Beauty of Coorg


The best way to explore Coorg is by trekking. Whether taking a popular trekking trail or the offbeat one, each experience is distinct and memorable. One gets to explore the lush forests of Western Ghats along with the places with hidden waterfalls, meandering river and lush green mountains. The best treks in Coorg are:

  • Tadiandamol Trek
  • Chelavara Falls
  • Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Kumar Parvatha Trek
  • Nishani Motte
  • Abbi Falls
  • Brahmagiri Hill Trek
  • Votecad
  • Pushpagiri Trek

Zip- Line Across the River Valley

Since its introduction, zip-lining has stayed quite popular amongst the young crowd in Coorg. There are number of places where one can easily reach and enjoy zip-lining in Coorg. The thrill of zip-lining from the scenic mountain fronts over river valleys and thick forests cannot be described in words.

Quad Bike Through the Tricky Paths

Quad Biking Coorg

It is one of a kind of experience to enjoy quad biking in the dewy land of Coorg. One can take an experience of riding a 250cc hot wheel in a 3000m circuit off the road through the forest. This adventure sport can be enjoyed by anyone who can ride a scooter. One also has opportunity to catch sight of wild animals like wild boar, wild cats, rabbits and monkeys. Chelavara is the best place for this adventure activity in Coorg.

Become a Bird Watcher

Bird Watching Coorg

Photo: bit.ly/1Ro9TAG

Set in the Western Ghats, Coorg is certainly a haven of ornithologists as well as bird lovers. It is to be noted that Coorg contributes 25% of the total amount of bird population in India. Thus, it is ideal to plan bird watching in Coorg. The area is considered the best place to spot several species of birds, including some that have Coorg as their origin like Malabar Trogons, Nilgiri Laughing-Thrushes, Great Black Woodpeckers, and Malabar Whistling-Thrushes.Other varieties of birds include Yellow Browed Bulbuls, Pacific Swallows, Grasshopper Warblers, Orphean Warblers and Yellow Billed Babblers. Great Pied Hornbills, Nilgiri Wood Pigeons, Wynaad and Grey-Breasted Laughing Thrushes, Blue-Winged Parakeets, Grey-Headed Bulbuls, White-Bellied Treepies, the Nilgiri and White-Bellied Blue Flycatchers, Black Eagle and Ceylon Frogmouths comprise the rest of the species of birds that hail from the Coorg district.

Attain Complete Rejuvenation Through Ayurvedic Spa

Ayurveda Resort

With a soothing massage amidst the lush green settings, you have more reasons to stay a bit longer in Coorg. We are sure that the hospitality industry had preconceived the demand of total rejuvenation with the help of spa amidst the beautiful landscape of Coorg and therefore they have come up with several high end spa centres here. One must spare sometime from all the adventure in Coorg and visit one of these spa centres to enjoy complete rejuvenation.

Try Microlight Flight

Microlight Flight

Photo: bit.ly/1ixjn0h

From the highland of Chelavara enjoy an exceptional adventure sport called Microlight Flight. It is a unique way of seeing the city of Coorg, so if you are an adventure seeker and want to add another memory to your tour of Coorg then microlight flight is the thing for you! One has the opportunity to fly at a height of 5,000 feet and get a bird’s eye view of ever so beautiful Coorg. The ride lasts between 10 and 30 minutes. Chelavara is the best place to enjoy microlight flight in Coorg.

Visit Dubare Elephant Camp

Dubare Elephant Camp

Yes, we have already spoken about camping in Coorg but this particulate camping has something exceptional about it. In this camp you not only get to ride an elephant many a time but also get to learn about elephants and their lifestyle. Trained Naturalists have been appointed here to help explain the various aspects of Elephant history, ecology and biology to the visitors. The visitor can not only observe and learn but also participate in various activities like washing and scrubbing the elephants. Situated on the bank of Kaveri River, Dubare Elephant Camp is an interesting place to visit in Coorg.

Enjoy Fishing & Angling in the Waters of Kaveri

Fishing in Kaveri

Photo: bit.ly/1k3VwXI

Being the origin point of River Kaveri, Coorg is certainly an ideal destination for fishing and angling in India. The river is the home to game fish like Mahaseer, Maral and Mapp. All three are prized catches and often grabs the attention of veteran anglers. Please note that without license angling and fishing are prohibited here. The Coorg Wildlife Association- Madikeri, provides information on fishing license and guides for Mahseer fishing. The licenses are not issued during the monsoon season as most of the fish species breed during this season.

This beautiful hill station is multi-hued and there is some or the other colour that keeps adding to this place. If you know about other activities that take place in Coorg, we would be happy to learn about them. And if you have decided to take a trip to this beautiful place, let us help you in taking you there. You can call us at +91-9212553106 or drop us an email at info@tourmyindia.com for Coorg holiday packages as well as to other India Sightseeing Tour Packages.

Published: 02 Nov, 2015
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