Kerala – An Ideal Getaway for Leisure Escapers

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“From my heart I wander, because I seek truism, from my eyes I gather, because I affirmed the realism. From here and there I marvel the contrast, I voyaged to heal my wound and collected seashells, and now I acquaint with the blue hills, where I choir with ebullience.”

Overview… a serene kaleidoscopic backdrop

Right from the twinkling shore to the lofty blue hills you will discover another way to revive. Amidst the wildlife and tropical rain forests you will find yourself in a serene kaleidoscopic backdrop with rolling tea gardens, gilded hill tops, gurgling waterfalls, meandering rivulets and a host of plant species.
An artist with detailed entreating gestures, swirls of movement, eloquent eyes, resplendent make ups, elaborate costumes, performing traditional plays accompanied by ornate singing and ethnic music, especially set on ragas, create a trenchant thematic Indian culture ruminating the essence from bygone civilizations, Kathakali dance, Kerala’s cultural heritage will draw you in ‘God’s own country’. Welcome… to lotusland where you can heal your mind, body and soul and to the land of unbroken tradition, Ayurveda, ‘the science of life’, the harmony of it, your body’s wits. Before you ally with the shallow waters and green lagoons, bestir yourself with some luscious cuisine and then start exploring the exotic realm with a keen heart and open eyes. Recall the moments you captured while cruising on the traditional houseboats along the cocoa-palm lakeshore and mingle with the vast ocean and its conspicuous ambience. Avow the contrast when nature is erratic.

“Down the swirling way, throughout my journey, I have never acquainted with such a haunting trail, I swear to God that naturalism is alike his Holy Grail. Now when I have came so far, it’s time for me to know your children, I’ll then convey you their messages and my reverend verses.”

Simplicity and originality are the essence of ‘Malayali’. The etymon of their lifestyle educes from the earliest known period of human culture. Their chaste identity can be traced from their unique art and architecture, music and poetry, dance and drama and dress and sustenance. With simple pleasures of life they are very protective about their religion and rituals and tradition and ancient practices. People, culture and nature together make Kerala a unique and a wholistic vacation for Indians as well as for foreigners.

We are not God and we are not in heaven, this is his land and we are his children. What he has given us is a gift; we don’t exploit nature as we are not implicit.”

Kerala travelogue

“Like a nomad I rove, I ponder
By the swaying giant coco leaves
I rove, I ponder down the sprinkling sandy beach
Like a messenger I heed, I blab
By the refreshing wind
I heed, I blab to the sparkling horizon
Like a gull I try to fly, I try to observe
By the tangerine indolent sky

I try to fly, I try to observe the jovial beach down the coast line.”

Kovalam Beach, Thiruvananthapuram -The jovial crescent shore…
…swaying palm trees and gentle ripples along with dude ranches down the coast, yoga centers and ayurvedic massage parlors sates Kovalam beach with a pristine aura.  Escaping from the city rage you can experience an indulgent holiday in India’s one of the healing beaches with the advent of Ayurvedic massages and yoga practices. On the other hand Kovalam beach will also perk you up with sun bathing, swimming, cruising and kayaking. The three bow-shaped beaches which are cut by Rocky Mountains make Kovalam beach the perfect destination for honeybunches and hippies.

Alappuzha Beach, Alappuzha (Allepeye)– a slice of Venice
Heal your mind, body and soul cruising traditional houseboats in the lush green lagoons cut off by reef of sand along the palm-fringed waterways and re-explore the slice of Venice; Allepeye will rouse you with its sensuous grace. Dig in the local life from the very most virtue of Indian ethnic culture capturing the divine beauty down the backwaters skimming water lilies, lush paddy fields, palm grooves and ancient Chinese fishing nets. The beatifying ambience will haunt you just when you stroll down the golden shore lined with palm groves, bygone colonial buildings and amusement parks. The derelict pier is yet another enchanting click for those who capture the essence of history with their lenses. Allepeye also yields worldwide tourists attractions with its Coir Industry and marine products.

Nattika Beach, Thrissur – a little secret liaison
If you are yearning for a lazy plage holistic holiday in India amidst palm grove, Nattika Beach, espied with giant crabs and seashells, will promise you with complete bliss and isolation. The aureate horizon at dawn and the lazuline evening sky will arouse you with concupiscence and a little secret liaison with your honeybunch.

Vadanapally Beach, Thrissur –Fresh, young and snappy…

…yet a virgin, Vadanapally beach, is just going to revive you alike. Away from your day-to-day fist-fights, dragging tittle-tattles and maculated ambience if you are seeking for a solitary realm where gentle ripples touch your feet flashing back to abyss blues, then come here and calm down in the sandy beach.

Cherai Beach, Kochi – Dowered with estuaries, areal lagoons and lakes…
Cherai beach is a spellbinding amalgamation of palm-rimmed backwaters and soothe-crinkled sea. If you are kinetic, then just plunge into the shoal of Cherai, paragon for sunning, swimming and surfing. You can even kickoff the sea scooter and speedboat and glide down the sea ramming the waves.

Kappad, Kozhikode – Speaking of Euro – Indo history

The man who deviated from his route, Vasco Da Gama, is believed to have landed in this golden sea bed of chaste Kappad beach where you can also be deviated from the outside world to the placid patency of the vast ocean and holistic  backwater ambience that offers a visual treat cruising you down to the Arabian Sea. This beach holds significance in Euro-Indo History for being the only Silk Sea route for the Portuguese.

Marari Beach, Alppuhzha –experience the local culture
To experience the local ambience of the Kerelian and their culture, you can drop down in this tranquil hamlet with thatched villas nearby the soft sandy beach of Marari, which is unchallenged by any modern development. It is more of a fishing harbor rather than an exploitable beach where earning daily meal hasn’t changed much in the last 100 years. You can even savor a few sea fishes from the villagers who are known for their hospitality.

Fort Kochi, Emakulam – an eventful colonial history
Fort Kochi beach, a viewer’s charm enclosed by coconut trees and dense bushes, is of more significance because of its historic essence that will familiarize you with an eventful colonial history and European regimes. Beside the attraction of the Fort, if you are planning a trip to India in December then Cochin Carnival held at the beach will perk you up with a colorful ambience. and moreover unparallel to this the traditional Chinese fishing nets along the shore will surely haunt you.

Varkala Beach, Varkala – Experience the magic of Myrtos beach
Astonishing, mesmerizing, jaw-dropping, spellbinding and with a bounty of stochastic expressions you can come out when you will drop your kits here at Varkala beach. Experience the magic of Myrtos beach in Greece here at Varkala beach in India. Out of the high cliffs all of a sudden you will jolt down to this crescent shaped enigmatic beach and heal with mineral water springs which are of medicinal significance.

Muzhappilangad Beach, Kannur – Beach lover’s paradise…

…Muzhappilangad beach en route an unpaved road in the midst coconut grove, lined with black boulders forming natural shallows, is one of the marine coasts in India where you can enjoy driving your car splashing down the shallow shore.

Kollam – the gateway to Kerala backwaters
Along the shore of Ashtamudi Lake lies the gateway to Kerala backwaters, Kollam which is a silk town in central Travancore region of Kerala. It is the etymon of country’s cashew trading and processing industry and is blessed with nature’s bounty. The backwaters, meandering verdant valleys, lush forests, and fertile lands are of some special attractions. If you want to take home part of Indian culture then Kollam offers you with varied products made out of coir and bamboo and ethnic apparels. Kollam beach is one of the most crowded beaches in Kerala especially during the Indian festive season.

Kumarakom – One of the most attractive tourist destinations in Kerala…
…Kumarakom is known for Vembanad Lake, which is not only the largest, but the longest lake in India. Kumarakom is a fast developing backwater where you will come across varied flora and fauna. At the time of Onam, a cultural festival in Kerala, you will be surprised to see thousands of oarsmen propelling through the sparkling water of Vembanad Lake in different types of boats like Kochu-odi-vallam, Odi-vallam, Iruttukutthi vallam, Churulam and Chundan vallam (Snake boat). The Vembanad Lake is also of ecological significance and you can savor the serene beauty cruising on the houseboats. Meet me, know me and bless me, I will give you what nature has gifted me, Listen to me, talk to me and then judge me, I will cognize you with my ethnicity.” With an ethnic style, the people here are very generous and are largely dependent on backwater fishing, shell collection and tourism.

Off the ramps I bide the shore
The lakes and the lagoons
To the blue hills I have never been before
Heard of those splashing falls
The rivers forming their ways down the rich rolling vales
And to acquaint with the wild nature
Amidst the fog.”

Thekkady –The place where you can be wild and furious…
…where you can be steamy and tracked, where you can be traced and tossed, Thekkady is the place where you can fulfill your chronic dreams. Here at Periyar National Park you can go for some exotic Jungle Safaris and trail down some tiger tracks and if your luck permits you can even encounter the world’s wildest and hungriest species. Acquainting with other species along the Periyar River you will come across spice and coffee plantations, slushing waterfalls and cascades and Mangala Devi Temple, at an altitude of 1337m, veiled between lush greenery and you can even take in  the panoramic view of parts of Eastern Ghats and some adjacent villages.

Munnar – a havoc of peace and tranquility
This hill station is marked by vast expansions of tea plantations, colonial buildings, streams and waterfalls. It is an ideal place for those who want to trek – up to the Anamudi Peak, at an altitude of 2695 meters, the highest point in South India. Breathtakingly beautiful, a havoc of peace and tranquility, Munnar will also beguile you with its varied fauna in its wild sanctuaries and forests. Eravikulam National Park offers a magnificent view of the tea gardens and the rolling hills and will haunt you just when you notice the slopes get covered in a carpet of blue. Other nearby destinations from Munnar is Mattupetty, Chinnakanal, Anairangal and Top Station.

Vagamon –the Queen of Green Meadows
This is a quaint hill station ideal destination for honeybunches. The drive up to this hill station will swing you along the winding roads and mute you by the fresh mountain aroma along with the gurgling streams. The breathtaking panoramic view from this lush green hill station will abide you with Thangal Hill, Murugan Hill and Kurisamla. Vagamon, the Queen of Green Meadows, will always be a virginal territory notwithstanding how much you exploit the nature with your roving eyes.

Wayanad – the King of Rich Vales
Wayanad is nested on the Western Ghats and is gifted with exportable quality cash crops like vanilla, tea, coffiee, peper, cardamom and many other condiments. The wildlife, amidst varied flora and fauna, along these vales is yet another appealing cause for tourists. Wayanad, taking an important part in Indian history, is also dotted with reminiscence of Stone Age civilizations and Veda Tribes.

Nelliyampathi –a verdant carpet

Yet another jaw-dropping hill station with a beholding sight of Western Ghats from an altitude of 1572 meters. The Pothundy Dam is a picturesque locale with facilities for boating and picnic parties. It also offers a splendid view of long stretch of paddy fields forming a verdant carpet on the Palakkad Valley.

Palakkad –etymon of a rich folk culture and folk arts
The Gateway to Kerala, criss-crossed by rivers which are tributaries of Bharatapuzha River, Palakkad is indeed a unique destination with vast expanses of paddy fields and palm, dense forests, history, culture and Ayurvedic treatment centers. The medieval era granite fort, Palakkad Fort, the landmark of the town, is one of the best preserved forts in India. Palakkad is the etymon of a rich folk culture and folk arts forms like Kanniyar Kali and Porattu Natakam. Silent Valley National Park, which is a rich mosaic of varied habitats and a unique preserve of tropical evergreen rain forests, is the core of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The crystal clear, wild and perennial river Kunthi descends from the Nilgiri Hills and is a gift to this wild park.

Ponmudi –perfect for hikers

From a very short distance from Thiruvananthapuram, you can avail excellent opportunities at Ponmudi for trekking amidst tea estates and mist covered valleys.

Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve – a haven for wildlife enthusiasts  

Covering parts of Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka, Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve includes many different species of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, butterflies. One can even spot endangered species like the Asian elephant and Nilgrir Tahr. With almost 3300 species of flowering plants at its disposal, Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is rich in plant diversity as well.

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Brought up from the cultural capital of India, Kolkata, Swairik Das is a passionate traveller who seeks to travel and explore the length and breadth of the country. He is also a dedicated travel writer, blogger and photographer who by heart is also an adventure freak. His focus is mostly into exploring and writing on trekking, jungle safaris and several adventure activities; religion, festival, heritage, people and cuisine.

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