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Phool Mahal Palace Jodhpur

The Phool Mahal is a beautifully decorated hall in the Mehrangarh fort, Jodhpur. The hall probably served the purpose of a pleasure dome of the Maharajas, and the female dancers used to stay here. Accordingly the room was made to look as beautiful as a magnificent flower, which earned it the name Phool mahal. The ceiling has golden filigree work, for which it is said, gold was brought from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. There are also some beautiful portraits and paintings, especially the raga mala series, and furniture from the British period to enhance the glory of the room.

History of the Attraction

The room was built by Maharaj Abhaya Singh, who ruled in this region from 1724 to 1749. He built this room from the gold from Ahmedabad, which he brought in as the spoils of the war with Sarbuland khan, who was a Mughal governor who had rebelled.

Getting There

The Phool Mahal palace is located near the Kishangarh city and about a 15 minutes’ drive on the Kishangarh/Jaipur highway, will take you there. The nearest railway station from this palace is Ajmer, which is about 36 Km away from the Phool Mahal.

Things to Do in and Around

The palace is situated in the Mehrangarh fort, which itself is a tourist attraction.

Opening/Closing Timings and days  

The palace is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

Entry Fee

The entry fee for Indians is rupees 20 and for foreigners, rupees 250 each.

Best Time to Visit

From November to middle of February will be the best time to visit this place, because, during summer and monsoon conditions become unbearable.

  • Phool Mahal Palace, Jodhpur
  • Phool Mahal Palace Jodhpur
  • Phool Mahal Palace, Rajasthan
  • Phool Mahal Palace Jodhpur, Rajasthan

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