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Mandir Palace Jaisalmer

Mandir Palace is the newest addition to the rich cultural and heritage sites of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. While there are forts, sand dunes and houses which are as old as a millennium, Mandir Palace is still in their league with its prodigious exquisiteness and grandeur. The notable feature of this magnificent palace is Badal Vilas which literally translates to ‘Villas in the clouds.’ This high structure gives a view of the entire city of Jaisalmer. The architectural designing and construction are beyond any doubt, exquisite. With overhanging balconies and canopies, the Mandir Palace is awe-inspiring.

Built for the royal family of Maharawal Moolraji, the Mandir palace has now opened its gates for commoners who desire to savor royalty and antiquity. The rooms provided are simply marvellous. There are deluxe rooms, golden suites and Surya mahal suites. The back story of the Golden suites is that it was built by Maharawal Moolraji during the 1770s for his personal residence. The suite is the perfect reflection of the architecture most prevalent during that century. The Surya Mahal suites are in fact latest additions to Mandir Palace by Maharawal Jawahir Singhji which he used for his personal residence. All of the ancient architecturally magnificent rooms are equipped with facilities required by a 21st-century man. There are several dining and cuisine options offered under the Mandir Palace. You can also find a large range of facilities which are essential for a modern traveler.

History of the Attraction

The Mandir palace has been around for more than 200 years now. It first began its growth when Maharawal Moolraji started building this monumental residential place around temples. After him, all his descendants kept on adding and improvising the palace design and construction. The latest addition is an Indo-Saracenic Jawahir Villas which is famous for its intricate and magnificent designs.

Getting There

Out of all available transportation services, bus services are the quickest one to avail. The bus stop is approximately 1 km away from the palace and the airport and the railway station are around 2.5 km away.

Things to Do in and Around

Jaisalmer has a rich repertoire of historic and heritage sites. Present in the heart of the city, most of the beautiful tourist destinations are in less than 2 km radius. There are national parks and forts to be visited too which makes your stay even more magical.

Opening/Closing Timings and Days

It is open during all the hours and days of the year.

Entry Fees

No such entry fees recorded.

Best Time to Visit

Mandir Palace is best visited during the comfortable autumn and winter seasons. The extremes of temperatures and sweltering, dry and oppressive heat during the summer becomes difficult to bear. As the temperature doesn’t rise up higher than 24 degree Celsius during the winter season, stay at Mandir Palace would be extremely pleasurable and satisfactory.

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