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Moti Mahal Jodhpur

The Moti Mahal is located in the fort of Mehrangarh, in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. It is a room for private audience. This is a beautiful looking palatial room, complete with colored window glasses and decorated ceilings, which is adorned with gold leafs, sea shells and mirrors. It has the royal throne known as the Srinagar Chowki.

History of the Attraction

This is the largest room of the Mehrangarh palace, and was built by Raja Sur Singh. There are five alcoves in this room which leads to hidden balconies, and it is believed that the queens of the Raja sat there and listened to court proceedings, without being seen by other people.

Getting There

The nearest railway station is the Jodhpur Junction which is only 1 km away. There are a number of public transports to reach the Moti Mahal.

Things to Do in and Around

The Meharangarh Palace has a number of rooms for visiting, like the Phool mahal. Also, you can visit the Mehrangarh Museum.

Opening/Closing Timings and days  

The place is open every day of the week from 9 am to 5 am

Entry Fee

The entry fee for Indian tourists is 20 rupees each, while for other nationals it is 250 rupees each.

Best Time to Visit

Since this is located in Rajasthan, which gets really hot during summer, the best time to visit the Moti Mahal would be from November to February.

  • Moti Mahal, Jodhpur
  • Moti Mahal Jodhpur
  • Moti Mahal, Rajasthan
  • Moti Mahal Jodhpur, Rajasthan

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