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Forts in Rajasthan

In the bygone era, there were around 20 princely states in Rajasthan, and each of them was safeguarded by a frisky army and gigantic fort. And that's the reason why in Rajasthan is one can see so many forts; almost in every nook and cranny, which are the finest example of heritage tourism. To make these forts look extravagant and out of ordinary, monarchs used to do everything; right from adopting their signature styles to including artifacts. Also, the reason why these forts were made extravagant was that through these buildings, rulers used to tell the world about their wealth and elite taste of designing and literature. Such strong are these forts that even today when none of them in use, they are the best epitome and specimens of Indian art, architecture, and culture. See below for the list of forts that are must visit on a heritage trip to Rajasthan that can promise to spellbind tourists for months to come.

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