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Khejarla Fort Jodhpur

Within the desert sand of Rajasthan lays great secrets and a vast variety of culture that has developed over the centuries and is still very much alive. The Khejarla fort of Jodhpur is an ancient monument to cherish. While it provided the service of guarding the boundary of the city in the ancient times, it has served its purpose as a historical reserve that has helped the historians and archaeologists understand a large part of the Indian history. The fort demonstrates the Rajput- Mughal architecture and styles and makes the viewers admire its unique beauty even in its ruined and old exterior.

The fort had been useful to the Rajput rulers to defend themselves successfully from the Muslim attacks and has survived so well because it would be reconstructed every time one part of the fort was damaged. The red stone establish is located in the rural section of Jodhpur and gives the tourists a wonderful taste of the basic culture of the area and the warmth of the desert sand. The great monument has now been turned into a hotel which has an excellent old and rugged architecture on the outside but with modern renovations of the rooms that resemble any five-star hotels with a royal touch to emphasize the presence of royal Rajput blood that runs in the veins and culture of the area. The Khejarla fort now is a well-visited tourist site that exhibits the brave and rich Rajput heritage.

History of the Attraction

The monument standing tall and proud in the middle of the desert in Jodhpur is 400 years old and has been renovated over the years. It contains the history of 14 generations of the Rajput dynasty as the result of a land grant given to Maharajah Gopal Das Ji for his achievements during his time in the court of the Rajput ruler. The fort has provided 550 books of history and literature for the purpose of preserving and comprehending the history of the country, which proves to be an amazing step in preserving the cultural, political and social literature of Marwar.

Getting There

The fort is only 14 Kms from the Jodhpur airport, so one travelling by air can land at the Jodhpur airport and avail a cab or a bus that takes you to the fort. The people travelling by train can get down at the Jodhpur station and avail autos or state transport of their choice.

Things to Do in and Around

The fort itself is a work of art and the surroundings of the area serve the optimum amount of exposure to the culture and life of Rajasthan. When you take a walk into the village you can find the 600-year-old Temple of Goddess Durga in which there are certain idols preserved from the 14th – 15th century.

Opening/Closing Timings and Days

The fort has now been converted into a hotel that has reservations open throughout the day and night so that one can easily book the rooms and stay at the Fort.

Entry Fees

There is no such entry fee to simply look at the fort from the outside but in order to stay at the hotel, one must pay according to the room opted for and for other facilities.

Best Time to Visit

In the scorching heat of Rajasthan, it is recommended to visit the fort during winter which is between the period of November to February, especially if one desires to go out while staying there and exploring the village around. If one only wishes to remain confined to the hotel they can visit any time of the year.

  • Khejarla Fort Jodhpur
  • Khejarla Fort Jodhpur, Rajasthan
  • Khejarla Fort Rajasthan
  • Khejarla Fort, Jodhpur

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