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Shreekshetra Utsav Odisha

Conducted every year on the sacred beach of Puri, the Shreekshetra Utsav is a festival with vivacious culture, tradition and history of the place is celebrated. The festival connects the tourists from all over the world with the pulsating heritage of Odisha.

Shreekshetra Utsav Odisha

Puri is considered as a land of beaches and temples, but it is also a land of festivals. Yes, this city is always in the festive mood and festivals are celebrated throughout the year. Shreekshetra Utsav is one of the most popular festivals of Puri. It is also known as Shreekeshtra which means 'the sacred land of wealth'. The word 'Shree' denotes to Goddess Maha Laxmi and Jagannath who signify wealth and 'Kshetra' means land. Shreekshetra Utsav is conducted every year to familiarize the people of with its rich history, tradition, culture, artworks, cuisine, various music & dance forms.  Various fun-filled activities are also part of the festival, which is celebrated on the shore of sacred beaches of Puri and for a period of two weeks. This traditional festival is organized by the Government of Odisha, Puri and Odisha Sangeet and Natak Academy and the Department of tourism and culture.

This two-week extravaganza is an eye feast to many tourists from across the world. Shrimad Bhagabata Parayana is the highlight of this entire festival. This part of the festival includes discussions and presentation of the Odia epic Bhagabata. The food festival is also part of this Utsav. Different flavours of Odisha's food are displayed at this festival. You get to taste traditional dishes of Odisha like Rasabali, Badi, Bara, Chenna Poda and a lot more. The famed sand art of Odisha is also a highlight of this entire two-week celebration. Tourists from all over the country enjoy the sand art of the great artists of Odisha. Apart from this, you get to witness different forms of dances and music like Sambalpuri Dance, Chhau, Gotipua Dance, Danda Nritya, Ghoda Nacha and Paika Akhada as part of this famous festival. Largely, you get to see and know about Odisha and its rich cultural heritage.

Highlights of the Festival

  • Shreekshetra Utsav is a two-week celebration of art, music, dance, culture, history, traditions and craft.
  • Sale and expo of Handlooms and Handicrafts are one of the prime objectives of this Utsav.
  • This Hindu festival also focuses on the Shrimad Bhagabata Parayana, which is the highlight of the event.
  • One of the main attractions of this Utsav is Sand Art.
  • Traditional delicacies of Odisha like Rasabali, Badi, Bara, Chenna Poda can be tried during the festival.

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