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Chaita Parva Odisha

Being a major religious festival of the tribal people of Koraput, Chaita Parva also known as Bija Pandu is a festival observed with great enthusiasm. For the whole month of Chaitra the the people remain enthusiastic and festive mood when they enjoy the nights in drinking, singing and dancing.

Chaita Parva Odisha

Odisha is well known for many popular Hindu festivals like the Ratha Yatra, and Chandan yatra. However, there are many other regional and tribal festivals which are celebrated by Odia people in different regions. Bijja Pandu is one such traditional festival celebrated in the month of Chaitra which begins with the new moon inthe month of March or April. This tribal festival in Odisha which is also known as Chaitra Parva is celebrated by the Koya tribe who constitutes a principal tribe and are widely found in Kalimela, Mottu, Podia, Mathili, Korkonda and Malkangiri blocks of the state. They call themselves Koya or Koitor meaning 'people'. The festival adds to the ancient culture, heritage and tradition of Odisha. Bijja Pandu is the most important agricultural festival held to worship the Earth Goddess to get a trouble free and ever-prospering agricultural season with a good harvest. Bijja Pandu is basically a sacred seed from which the festival derives its name. The Goddess Earth is worshipped by the tribals in this festival and she is offered cocks, pigs, eggs and mangoes.

At the onset of monsoon, Peda, the village chief, chooses a date for the festival in consultation with his co-villagers. Paddy seeds are also placed before the Goddess, believing that those seeds will become productive by her divine touch. The priest requests the Goddess to render a good harvest. As part of rituals, mangoes are eaten during this tribal festival in Odisha. As per the rituals, men go out hunting and fishing in groups and return home before dark. Women sing and dance, while waiting for their men to return. In the evenings they unite, feast, and dance together. In Bijja Pandu dance, the Koyas form two separate groups: one of males and the other of females for dancing. The male dancers hold a drum and they beat them while dancing. They wear huge head gears of bison horn which are richly decorated with peacocks' feathers and cowries and are the prime attractions. The girls adorn themselves in ornaments, wearing flat brass band in their foreheads and holding sticks fitted with tinkling bells they dance in circles striking the sticks during the dance in between the beats. They dance in circles singing songs of love.

Highlights of the Festival

  • Bijja Pandu is a tribal festival celebrated by principal tribe of Koyas.
  • A special Bijja Dance is performed during the festival in which the women adorn themselves in ornaments.
  • Men beat drums during the dance performance and wear huge head gears of bison horn decorated with peacocks feathers and cowries.
  • As a ritual, mangoes are eaten during the festival.
  • Men of the tribe go fishing in the day time and return with the catch that is prepared in for the festival feast.

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