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Adivasi Mela Odisha

The festival is recognized every year for ten days in Bhubaneshwar. The Adivasi Mela Bhubaneswar Tribal Exhibition & Festival is one of the oldest and most colorful festivals of the tribal people which showcases art, culture, music, tradition and artifacts.

Adivasi Mela Odisha

Having a glimpse of the tribal culture of Odisha, try visiting the state around the celebrations of Adivasi Mela. The 15 days extravaganza simply celebrates the oldest festival of showcasing the handicrafts and traditions of 62 culturally rich tribes of Odisha out of which 13 are particularly vulnerable tribal groups. Initially the festival was celebrated for seven days but with the need and the rising popularity impelled the State Government to increase it to 15 days. The location at which the celebrations take place is usually covered with forests and hence, the theme is very much complementing the reason for the celebrations. Usually the celebrations take place at the Adivasi Exhibition Ground, Bhubaneswar and witnesses a large crowd that surely enjoys to the fullest.

Even though this festival is about the promotion and celebration of the traditions and handicrafts of these tribes, the other major motive is to spread awareness about the required development the tribes of Odisha by becoming a major tourist attraction and they do this by doing tribal dance, sing tribal songs and celebrate it with full enthusiasm. To become such a famous tourist attraction of Odisha it has come a long way since the celebration started in 1951 on 26th January under the patronage of Adivasi and Harijan Welfare Department.

Highlights of the Festival

  • The festival celebrates with presenting an exhibition of tribal jewellery like Anklet of Koya, Anklet of Kondh, Khadu- Brass anklet of Saora, Andu- Anklet of Dongria Kondh and many more like these.
  • Apart from jewellery, the festival also concentrates on promoting tribal handicrafts like printed apparels, tribal pottery, making different things from Bamboo and Cane, and many more other things.
  • The celebration of Adivasi Mela includes tribal dancing, singing of folk songs.

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