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Sume Gelirak Odisha

Out of many other festivals, Sume-Gelirak is an important festival for the Bondas of Koraput. The people of Koraput look forward to the festival as with it comes ample of freedom in all respects. The festival lasts for ten days during which they worship their traditional Gods and demons as well.

Sume Gelirak Odisha

A festival about teaching the importance of love and friendship in one's life and being the perfect location for females to find their better half is what Sume Gelirak is about. Being celebrated by the Bondas of Koraput tribe of Odisha, this festival is awaited by the tribesmen for the whole year since this is the only time when they have the liberty to be free and do what they want to. The tribe, in reality, lives a very secluded life on a hilltop and are in conversations with other tribes very rarely thus are deprived from the happenings of the world. The Sume Gelirak has a significance in the culture of this tribe. The celebrations of this festival includes scenarios like pairs of young boys standing face-to-face and hitting each other with branches of a tree with its foliage off on the beats of the drum. The same scenes happen with men and older men. The fight is stopped, when they have had enough of each other by bowing in front of each other. After every fight of young boys, the tribal priest or Sisa gives them cakes and educates the tribe with stories about friendship and love.Other than this, the tribal festival is also the place where the eligible brides find their better half.

Since the tribal festival has now become popular, it is now a major tourist attraction of Odisha Tourism. The festival helps the tourists to dive deep into the culture and tradition of this tribe and helps them unveil the cultural richness of one of the tribes of Odisha.During the 10 days celebration, for the first few initial days are about worshipping the tribal Gods and Demons with sacrificing animal and birds which is specifically done by the Sisa. The process of pleasing them also includes the use of liquor. This festival is considered as a major tribal festival and for 10 days all they do is celebrated the essence and existence of the Koraput Tribe of Odisha.

Highlights of the Festival

  • Sume Gelirak is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the Bondas of Koraput Tribe of Odisha.
  • The unique festival includes a unique style of celebration. Usually the festival witnesses a categorised fight of young boys, men and older men. The fight stops only when they have had enough of each other and the end of fight witnesses the involvement of Sisa (Tribal Priest).
  • After the fights the role of Sisa is to educate the tribe about the importance of love and friendship in one's life.
  • The festival is also important for the females of the tribe since this is the perfect time for them to find their better life.
  • The celebration of the festival observes the Sisa sacrificing animals and birds in order to please the Gods and Demons. The sisa also uses liquor during this pleasing process.

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