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Ekamra Utsav Odisha

Being one of the major festival of Bhubaneswar, which is celebrated to promote the rich culture heritage of Odisha. Lasting for ten days, the festival is a multidisciplinary event comprising of Folk Festival, Food Festival, National Handloom & Handicraft Exhibition.

Ekamra Utsav Odisha

In order to promote the rich cultural heritage of this vibrant state, Ekamra Utsav is celebrated every year in Bhubaneshwar, the capital city of Odisha. Dedicating the festivities to Lord Shiva, it is a full ten-day event. This festival in Odisha is celebrated at Janata Maidan of Bhubaneswar city in the first week of November every year. Ekamra Utsav is an event focusing on multiple disciplines thus aiming to boost Odisha's rich textile industry and cultural heritage in the most colorful way. The name Ekamra Utsav is derived from Ekamra meaning a Mango Tree. There exists a mythological story associated with this Utsav. Lord Shiva, once upon a time is said to have meditated, in a forest called 'Ekamra Kanan' known for its thick vegetation of mango trees. As the legend has it, Lord Shiva was looking for a peaceful and sacred place to meditate.

On the advice of Lord Naradamuni, Lord Shiva found Ekamra Kanan suitable for this act. It is at this sacred place that he settled as Lord Lingaraj, which is being worshipped till date. As part of the celebrations of this popular festival food stalls, handicraft and handloom exhibitions are organized along with folk dances, puppet shows depicting scenes from Indian epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana. Dance forms like Ranpa, Paika Akhada, Ghoda Nach, Dandanritya, Ghjumura, Chhau and Sambalpuri add a great charm and vigour to this festival in Odisha. One can also experience various textile firms of Odisha exhibiting their colorful and vibrant work here. Every year, tourists around the globe, very cheerfully visit Ekamra Utsav thus making it a well sought-after festival of India. To explore the multi-dimensional culture of Odisha, it is highly recommended that one must attend the Ekamra Utsav.

Highlights of the Festival

  • Ekamra Utsav is one of the main attractions in India for tourist around the globe.
  • The ten-day traditional celebration dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Promotes Odisha's rich cultural heritage through its traditional handlooms, handicrafts, local dances, cuisines and Indian epic shows.
  • Display of Martial Art Dances like Chhau.
  • Mask Dances and tribal dances.
  • Puppet shows.

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