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Rourkela Travel Guide

Not all people know about Odisha, but the ones who love its unexplored aura come to unwind themselves in this one city which is a perfect mash-up of all the good things, Rourkela. Life seems to take a more relaxed road when one starts visiting the many tourism places like temples, forts and natural wonders of the city. Visit Rourkela when monsoon leaves the city and enjoy not only the extravagant festivals but also shopping, delightful delicacies and other things to do.

An Insight into Rourkela Tourism

The very first thing that might come to the mind of travellers upon coming across this land in Odisha would be why didn't they ever visit Rourkela. One thought after the other, the city with its extravagance and humble nature takes everyone by a wave. Settled in the northern part of Odisha, Rourkela which was once just a densely covered forest area and the hunting grounds of the Kings is presently known as the Steel City of Odisha for housing one of the largest steel plants which is a part of SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited). Moreover, it's the Sundergarh district which takes pride in having a city like Rourkela and also takes some credit for giving it the natural beauty of rivers and hills.

As and when travellers start their sightseeing tour of the city they get to realize that why exactly the meaning of Rourkela is “Our Village” in the tribal language of Sadri which is followed in its realms. With every step, comes the many beautiful places of worship like Hanuman Vatika, Vaishnodevi Temple, Vedvyas Temple which seeps peace and spirituality in worshippers and makes Rourkela one of the best places to visit in Odisha.

And that's just one reason that backpackers from across the globe come here. One thing that most the visitors miss out on is the tribal culture, traditions, and culture that is followed in not just Rourkela but all over Odisha. The city takes joy in celebrating festivals and inviting travellers to be a part of it. One can plan a visit to Rourkela in the winter season or around its major festivals full of customs and rituals like Vishwakarma Pooja, Dola Purnima, Shivratri Mela, Shravan Mela, to name a few.

Upon crossing the beautiful landscapes that Rourkela is blessed with, comes the Ispat Nehru Park, Deer Park, Indira Gandhi Park that know how to keep everyone entertained especially the kids on family vacation. These places become a certain favourite for people as it takes away the rush of life and replaces it with tranquility. Surprising, enchanting, and everything that delights wanderers, Rourkela has it all. Holidays spent here might seem offbeat to some, but the ones who love less visited places would be the ones taking the road to it.

Popular Tourist Attractions & Places to See in Rourkela

The more people find about Rourkela, the more it surprises them that there are so many places worth a sightseeing tour. Whether it be the Khandadhar Waterfall, Hanuman Vatika, Vaishno Devi Temple, Vedvyas Temple or Deer Park, Ispat Nehru Park, the smart city knows how to snuggle its place in hearts.

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