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Best Time to Visit Rourkela

Spreading its charm in the northern part of Odisha is Rourkela, which is better known as 'The Steel City’. The name Rourkela holds a special meaning where ‘Rour’ means our and ‘Kela’ is derived from the word ‘Kila’ which means village. Moreover, it was in the year 1955 that the city got the first three steel plants of the country and that’s when the journey of Rourkela as a popular tourism attraction began. Apart from that, the city is famed for the heartwarming view of lakes and hills that it is surrounded by and pulls in a number of tourists. The land welcomes explorers in the winter season as that's the best time to visit here.


Summers visit the travellers and natives of Rourkela from March and stays till late June. A vacation in Rourkela can be planned in the first few months as the temperature remains around 21° C and goes up to 37°C.


As and when July begins, with it sets about the journey of Southwest monsoon in Rourkela. Having a tropical climate, the city experiences a heavy downpour till late September.


Winter is the best time to visit Rourkela as the city dons a cold atmosphere. The season lasts from October to March with temperature ranging between 24°C and 9°C.

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