Top Tourist Attractions in Zanskar

Covering an area of about 7,000 sq km and with an elevation that ranges between 3,500-7,000 meters, Zanskar is a semi-desert high-altitude beauty of Ladakh region. It mainly consists of the part that lies along the rivers of Doda and Lungnak, the two main tributaries of Zanskar River. Blessed with rugged mountains, timeless monasteries and thought provoking views, Zanskar is a great attraction of the Ladakh that deserves all the attention. The star attractions of the region are its trekking trails, mainly the Chadar Trek and Padum Trek.

The monasteries in the Zanskar region are an extraordinary sight too. Karsha and Phuktal monastery are predominantly famous. Over a holiday in Zanskar, don't forget to visit Nimu to see the stunning confluence of the Zanskar and Indus river. If taking the Srinagar- Kargil highway to reach Zanskar then do stop over at the Drang Drung Glacier over the Penzi La Pass, which connects Suru Valley with Zanskar Valley. Most isolated zone of the region - Zanskar valley is a treat for the eyes too. Try to take out a day from your Ladakh tour just to discover the Suru valley.

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