Wildlife Ladakh

Undoubtedly, Ladakh is a unique destination for all sorts of travellers. And besides the grand forts, monasteries, safaris and culture, Ladakh contributes a lot to wildlife. Ladakh is home to a number of exotic animals and bird species that roam around the land. Its unique landscape and ecosystem make Ladakh a must visit destination for wildlife tours. This land has varieties of flora and fauna which provides an avid photographer to capture rarest and endangered wildlife species. Besides, the backdrop of dramatic mountains, crystal blue lakes and clear sky creates a picture perfect frame for wildlife photography.

Ladakh is home to 225 species of birds which are often seen in high-altitude wetlands like Lake Tsomoriri. Many species like Finches, Robins and Redstarts are seen during summers, other water-birds that are found in Ladakh are Brahminy Duck also known as Ruddy Sheldrake, the Bar-headed Goose, the Black-Necked Crane which is a rare species found scattered in the Tibetan plateau. Ladakh also has around 200 Snow Leopards which is an endangered species and are the star attraction in Ladakh. Besides, if you are interested in knowing other species that dwell in the blistering cold than a visit to Hemis National Park is a must.

This National Park is located in the eastern part of Ladakh and it is largely responsible for promoting wildlife tourism in Ladakh. It covers an area of 600 sq km and houses animals like Snow Leopard, Shapo, Tibetan Antelope, Ibex, Blue Sheep, Marmot and Tibetan Hare.

The park also lets one to spot the Golden Eagle, the Lammergeyer Vulture and the Himalayan Griffon Vulture. These bird species are beautiful and are regularly spotted in the park. Another destination for wildlife tourism in Ladakh is Rumbak Valley. This valley is well-stocked with species like Brown Accentor, Robin Accentor, Tickell’s Streaked Rosefinch and Fork-tailed Swift.

Ladakh Tourism at a Glance