Lower and Upper Mall, Kasauli

The Lower and Upper Mall, Kasauli

Travelers never ignore the two main roads of Kasauli, which is known as the Lower and the Upper Mall. The area has various shops and the very popular Kasauli Club. This area is one of the busiest locations of Kasauli that attracts numerous tourists from all over the world.

The Upper Mall Kasauli offers a splendid walk down around 2.5 km road that is surrounded with the amazing and splendid scenic views and historical buildings. Famous for being the posh area of Kasauli, it is situated on the higher side of the region. An array of picturesque views of the valleys and hills is what one can enjoy viewing at the Upper Mall. It's an enchanting place where nature lovers can get pampered and enjoy a moment of bliss at the sunset point.

Visitors may also find a chain of pine and oak trees, the chirping of birds, and the scenic beauty of nature that makes one feel like travelling in wonderland. If someone is seeking to get the best of nature and Kasauli, then you may visit the enchanting Gilbert Trail that begins from the Upper Mall itself. The serene atmosphere and excellent beauty across the road attracts every soul and remains deep in heart till existence.

While walking down on foot to the Lower Mall, you will find a cruise ride among the eatery joints and the shops selling Tibetan products and other handicraft items. Well, it's an ideal place to buy mementos for your loved ones.