Kuthar Fort Solan, Himachal

Kuthar Fort, Solan

Experience the magnificence of one of the oldest forts of the region, built over centuries. Hardly a few hours ride from Shimla lies the Kuthar Fort which is as old as 800 years. The fort once served as the royal residence for the family of Kuthar. It is a picturesque place and a part of it is privatized and converted into a resort. Within the fort, sprawling over an expanse of 52.8 sq km, one can see a beautiful garden, freshwater springs and an ancient temple.

It's a fine example of Rajasthan architecture and is a true manifestation of Rajputana artistry. Its seeds, pillars, arches and gateways are beautifully carved. The resort, which is built within the fort premises, offers luxury amenities. From the fort, one can see the real beauty of nature and breathtaking view of the hills around.

Address: Krishangarh, State Highway 9, Kuthar, (Near Arki and Subathu), Shimla, 173204, Himachal Pradesh