Sapni Fort, Kalpa

Sapni Fort

The beautiful Sapni Fort is renowned for its exceptional architecture and wonderful surroundings. Built by Raja Padam Singh of Rampur, this ancient fort was constructed by joining two buildings together, the main tower of which is quite old and has seven floors. It is located in proximity to the Sapni village, which is another beautiful village in the vicinity of Kalpa. The Sapni Fort faces the valley and is like a colossal structure comprising of two buildings integrated into one.

Highlights The unique architecture of Sapni Fort makes it one of the most popular destinations in Kalpa. This seven storey building has a Kali Temple, situated on the fifth floor and it has some of the best and finest woodworks on window frames and door frames. The travelers can see these beautiful wooden carvings on windows and the door frames of the fort and take pictures to keep their memories intact.

The front portion of the fort was built by Raja Padam Singh of Rampur, which is adjacent to the tower of his queen. The frequent rain and cold weather condition of the region have damaged the carvings, but visitors still love to see these artworks.