Gemur Monastery Himachal Pradesh

Gemur Monastery

Address: Gemur, Lahaul Spiti district, Himachal Pradesh, India
Founded in: 1300
Best Time to Visit: During the summer season starting from May and October.

High above a lush hillside in the village of Gemur in the Himachal Pradesh is the Gemur Monastery.

The Gemur monastery is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery located on a picturesque hilltop in Keylong, Boasting manicured gardens, brilliantly carved Stupas, shrine rooms displaying relics and Tibetan art, and to top it off, sculpture of the goddess 'Marichi' and 'Vajravarahi,' the monastery is its self a grand spectacle.

Gemur monastery is a small shrine, but is quite famous for its 'Devil dance-drama' which is held here during the months of July in great sanctity at the Local Gompa. The monastery interior is tastefully decorated with extraordinary paintings that take one through the events that shaped the life of Buddha. If a tourist wants to indulge in some spiritual activity then they can go to a meditation at the monastery.